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For months and months and months and nothing so i mean i know i know there supposedly investigator maybe they won't be all of that but i'm just reporting to you what what the survey robert harris survey people are concerned by the allegations of obstruction of justice they're worried about delete possible dailies it there are ready between the president trump and the russian government but seven d three percent say they're concerned that the russian investigations have caused congress to lose focus on the issues that are important to them and it's en it's bipartisan this isn't just a few people eighty one percent of republicans say they're concern that is causing congress will lose focus seventy four percent of independence are concerned sixty eight percent of democrats are concerned so a majority of democrats independence and republicans are all concerned about the fact that the russian investigations have caused congress to lose its focus and they don't they don't know if congress is is going to get anything done and just before i walked in here we found out that the president was in the white house with the chicago cups the game by the white house today for their world series visit world series win and he said to the assembled media all on that healthcare bill well we may have a big surprise for you wait him his in a minute wait a minute it's it's wednesday june twenty eight the senate bill that was run up the flagpole did not have been the boats was just yesterday until here's the president saying yeah we may have a big surprise for you and by the way john thune the senator came out early in told neil cavuto hey we're going to have a we're gonna we're gonna have this thing uh so that we can look at it before we leave for the fourth the weekend was oh we're going to try and have this thing all buttoned up and done a at least for everybody to look at the boat on our next week but by friday so there's once again they're rushing something you know the show we did when we do that yesterday they before about the healthcare bill senate healthcare real news never mind who's this never mind whatever i said just just ignore the jury will ignore the comment by the host.

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