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You know because they are bitter everybody else i know it's boring boom there and then don't don't things so here comes my old man a phase ready oh i cannot believe that they charge for parking in vegas now does the best that got him because i very adult drive there anymore but yeah it's it's ridiculous is when i first started going to vegas not only what i mean not that i had car that don't eat only don't have a car although one i started covering summer league and stuff you need a pre uber you come out of summer league unlv at eleven thirty there was no taxi and you weren't calling in waiting for twenty minutes for one so you had a car in vegas valet used to be free i mean you tip yet to tip the guy and sometimes i didn't want to wait three thinking of the sometimes we'll take less time and he just park in the deck but like there are be these seven thousand car parking decks fear that were free every casino had one and which kind of makes sense because why would you want to charge you become so many people now drive to vegas and or they look for so many other ways to create revenue that like they charged late legit lee expensive prices for parking now and i feel like an old man because i'm like and i remember when all the stuff was fri because when ifor type 2 three dollar both phase where it all go that wasn't outlook why for so go to vegas the threeyard buffets were were gone they they were bringing a nice restaurants of stuff and i would hear old men cal i remember what you could get steak and eggs for one night.

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