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These teams have been involved in some historical matchups in the NFC championship. Back in two thousand fourteen. The packers had a huge lead in Seattle sixteen. Nothing seahawks REBA comeback. I'm back advanced to the Super Bowl again. This this this one this I. It's almost fitting right that this is the last match of the weekend because it'll you'll kind of build up off to it right. You've got a lot of other quarterbacks other making their first start or the second star trying to advance their first maybe conference championship. And then you end the weekend with Lambofield divisional round to super bowl winning quarterbacks just has that gives you that that good feel about the visual weekend right viterbese Sunday night to be cold. Dark and yet. Russell Wilson going back to Wisconsin and the one. The Seattle is the have been a better road team than they've been a home team this year. There ain't one on Sunday. They're eight and one on the road. Exactly Y- been. They've been extraordinarily tough and and the whole narrative about West coach teams. Not being able to travel doesn't doesn't Work for them. They're they're only. The one loss was on the west coast against the rams in Los Angeles so anytime they've really had to travel time. They've won this season. I don't think that's going to be what what prevents them from. Winning this game against the packers. Hey ever really appreciate the breakdown of the divisional regional matchups games this weekend. She'd be a gray weekend. We'll look forward to talking to you to review those games this weekend and to preview the Conference Championship Games on next week's podcast guest things out. I'm looking forward to it and so there's ESPN analytics Guru. Evan Kaplan special. Thanks to him. Special thanks to the outstanding former Buffalo Bills Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander as he ventures into the next chapter of his life. And I'm sure great. Things await him much as they awaited him any experience them during his great thirteen eighteen year. NFL career and special thanks to the greatest wide receiver. We've ever seen play the game Jerry Rice for breaking down what it's like in the bay area and looking ahead to the forty forty niners matchup this weekend and special. Thanks to you the listener for tuning into another Adam Schefter podcast. Please join us again next week when we look ahead to the conference championship around and we're joined by the great dolphins legend Dan Marino. Who will talk about what awaits the the teams that go to the Super Bowl in Miami this year? Thanks for listening this week. Everybody talked to you next week..

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