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Going to sleep. Early NASA decided to changing a diaper. Oh, yeah. Changing diaper. Sorry. It was more exciting than tabletop games with will. Nasa decided to have its own party because the new horizons probe spacecraft everyone call it is out in the Kuyper Bill, which is the band of asteroid like kind of objects beyond at the edge of our solar system. And they kind of picked an object at random that. They would be able to go to called a two thousand two zero one four MU sixty nine and they did a fly by it on. Well, they did a fly by a few days earlier, but they got started receiving telemetry from new horizons that flew by on New Year's Eve slash day, depending on your time zone. Now, this is beyond Pluto where this base craft is what do you think the data rate is coming back to earth data rate? I don't know three hundred Baud it's actually better than that. It's almost a kilobit an hour. Actually so worse than kill bite kill bit. Bite killed by one k b three hundred dollars three hundred bits per second. Yeah. Much worse. Orders of magnitude worse than that. It's not per hour per second. Sorry, I want it. So it's a kill byte or bit kilobits per second. Okay. That's pretty good. That's not bad. It's not like a light our away. No. It's. How far away is through lanes or different things. It's pretty far knows it's more than that. It's like a day late. Yeah. It's a light day. Oh, yeah. What did you say? Like, our I meant day. Yeah. So it's far far it is far to get that kind of transmission rate. That's pretty good. Well, so they're starting to assemble the information from it. We got our first image as we're recording this podcast. They had the press conference released an image object saw the blurry. And we saw blurry pixelated image of what looked like a peanut. And and it was tumbling end over end. And so they did enhance enhance enhance on it. And it looks like BB eight. It literally looks like BB eight to two spheres is to fears. It's a snowman and on the tops fear. There's two places that are slightly brighter. Just because of how the image projected freaking looks like a lot like BB eight. So is that an actual enhanced version of what we already received the more detailed data assembled this image. But it took more data to assemble that. Yeah. Very cool. So some of the images you saw yesterday during the initial fly by were composites based off of what they've seen from telescopes and some initial data from new horizons just confirming that existed, so when they did enhance enhance enhance we got BB eight not too bad. I still think it's crazy that they just picked a random object out in the Kuyper Bill fluid thing by it. And we're getting pictures back of this. The I was live streaming the the press conference. Earlier when we were talking about banner set the NASA dude is like jumping out of his seat. He's so excited to see this kind of data and because it has this weird shape. A why does it have this weird shape like a snowman in space kind of a strange shape? Maybe it's not as weird as you think. Yeah. So exactly. And also, it's probably tumbling kind of in this kind of weird way as well because it has that shape. So it's going to give us all sorts of information about this. I love that that spaces so predictable because of weightlessness and lack of air and physics. We know where things are going to be and we can send things to them. But we haven't number variables. That's really cool determinate de-facto that they're able to do it with such regularity to as amazing one other piece of information that sort of dropped while we were away is that the Trump administration has has indicated that it's EPA is going to roll back regulations of. Of mercury emissions from coal fired power plants, and I want to bring this up because this is actually an area of expertise for me. I had a whole business related to capturing mercury from from carbon sources and did some work in coal fired power plants. This is one of those things that I call sort of a big deal..

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