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The the presidency the and i it's fifteen months earlier was was at the tv star at a businessman right here in new york city and and you look at this this assent some of the decline and the rocky road we're looking at and i gotta tell ya been a remarkable journey and it's going to be something that we're gonna talk to our kids about for years people will study this time in history asked by are about to go get living any time get live in any time period in history when would you want to live and i said to him i want to live now i'd want to live right now and i'll tell you why for all the bad for all the bad i don't how this turns out i really don't but i see in in president trump a guy who for all of his flaws and for all the stuff people don't like about him and for all bob guy was working heart i feel like he gets up every day two hits that were pointing everybody but i think he's a guy who wakes up and his he's mission driven mitch kicked to grow the economy to expand opportunity i think he's a man who has a sincere and genuine love for the united states of america and i think he has a genuine and sincere love for for people who get up and go to work you hear people talk all the time especially like when it comes to when it comes to foot both 2s and plus on japan i'll guy that guy's a lunch pale guy president trump is perceived by a lot of people as that sort of a guy a guy who's a lunch pale guy on the job who wants to talk to you and find out what's going on and and wants to tell you what he's up to now all along the way over the last seven months we have seen a remarkable attempt to derail and sideline the president and the agenda and what is so incredible as as as our own senator chuck schumer right here in new york right as he has waged an angle as war against the trump administration blocking appointments not allowing him to have cabinet members appointed junior disappointed not wanting to give the executive branch the full power it needs suddenly yesterday afternoon.

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