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Happy thanksgiving Iran cagey with them behrman. Yeah. Happy thanksgiving. Good morning. I guess I really was stealing. I'm a little more calm down. Now that, you know, my thought was is that flapping in the way one thing to say, I'm at the point now where I'm almost thinking like, you know, maybe it's time to leave California. This whole situation is just outrageous. I I will call that. I was telling your screener, you know. So what do we do as a public? I mean, the fact is is that PG and E I this whole because it's intertwined with CalPERS retirement fund. And and if they were out of business that would deepen that and caused that ripple effect. I mean, it is what it is. There's so many people as what would be called dividend receivers that they can't bankrupt PGA because it needs to be completely bankrupt. And turned over to the PC to be ran by them. This is just incredibly awful is I'm with you. I mean, it's. It's so frustrating. What the one thing that we have to do is keep being loud about this with our elected officials here in the state. So you're you're federal elected officials really don't have much to do with this. I mean, they can put pressure as well. But this is as much on us talking to our state, senators, our state assembly people, our governor, those are the people where we have to be loud, and we have to write letters, and we have to call and we have to say enough is enough. We need to be changing the way we're approaching this. So again, I'm becoming familiar now. A state Senator Jerry hill who's a democrat, by the way from San Mateo as you also said this PGA, and I'm quoting him. Now PG he is using the bankruptcy bogeyman to scare lawmakers you'd set up a payment plan over many years repeat genie, which is what BP did after the Gulf oil spill instead PG, and he always looks for the easy way out. No matter how many people are affected. It's on us car. We have to put the pressure on. Democrat. This is not a partisan topic, by the way. So if you're a Republican. This is not this is this is not a partisan issue. So Democrats are unhappy with the way this is going as well..

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