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Factor of the bucks. Get James Harden. Is Yannis onto the Campo. Want to get rid of Chris Middleton. Does he say? I need someone better than Chris Middleton Toe win. And I'll get rid of Chris Middleton in order to bring in James Harden. That's the way that deal could work, however. Has just Chris Middleton. Get it done. Probably not. But the Rockets are looking for a player and picks and what picks to the bucks. Have. They just traded away at least three first round picks and two swamps. For Drew Colony. Then the last one Miami. They just had a deal. Done with Bam out of bio. You're not getting rid of Bam! You're not getting rid of Jimmy Butler. Would you maybe get rid of Tyler hero? I would get rid of Tyler here for James Harden. And then you've got to give a picks. That doesn't seem to me though. Yes. Get in the superstar. Get another player and James Harden. That's a Pat Riley move. I think Pat Riley takes a lot of pride and dressed in Tyler hero. I don't think he's going to give him up. So pretty much the verdict here is James Harden to me is not anywhere closer to getting traded, and he's got to keep on picking up the intensity on the drama wheel. And then the deal will get done because he could get some power here And then a lot of teams could be opted out. They don't wanna You know if James Harden doesn't want to go to let's say he eventually turned around, so I don't wanna go in the bucks. Then the bucks aren't gonna give up significant capital toe. Go get him, So it kind of takes two to tango here, where it's weird, hardened still under contract. He could still have some leverage with just the way that the MBA works. So let's see how this thing does shake out. Zach, help show CBS Sports Radio Me Come on back. There is a Paul George contract extension will get to Massage. Eerie. There's some great video that came out when Johannes onto the Campo was actually getting drafted. And last night I saw a documentary. Involving Larry David and a story that I was familiar with. I'm going to show you that next because the story is absolutely bonkers. CBS Sports Ready Update here, Zach. See me? Yes. Sports flag. The L. A Rams failed to score a touchdown and Super Bowl 53. They have already topped that tonight and also scored more points against the Patriots tonight. Then the Chargers managed on Sunday on their opening drive. The Rams went down the field and Jared Goff takes it in from the yard out to give the Rams the early seven. Nothing lead on that opening drive. Cam Acres was unstoppable, rushing for 41 yards on three carries and Ella out front early. As they open the day eight and four tied for the top spot in the NFC West. The Patriots come in red hot with winds and four or five after there were start in years. They are now at 500 mark at six and six. Theo A. F. C East leading bills have signed general manager Brandon being to a multiyear extension. While Christian McCaffrey is likely to miss another game because of shoulder and thigh injuries. The Steelers have placed linebacker Vince Williams on the covert 19 reserve list. Pittsburgh already had lost two linebackers to a torn A. C L and Robert Spillane is out with a knee injury that bears the latest team have a positive cove in 19 results. They work remotely. Today. Saturday's game between Oklahoma and West Virginia has been canceled with the Mountaineers, pausing there program for the next week, and also Boston College.

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