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Great competitors that's why you come to a place like alabama there'd be able to play teams like clumps of the game he played all black northeast you'll bowl alabama cleansing greets three times rhythm frost villafranca the feds on rosy zone let's now that was a mistake dostam secret plus good hurd's p wolves morning he'll throne yes look white of rural white hugged away intercepted another the i will be more we'll be playing for the national championship this time against the george o'boyle logged next monday night in atlanta georgia the alabama defense to shutdown clumps of attack in new orleans on monday dabbous when he's tigers posted season lows in points total yards and yards per play on the night alabama's defense even had more touchdowns and clemson offense because we all saw that mac wilson fourth quarter fixit and we was tremendous here's joe test and todd blackledge on their takeaways after call in this one crimson confetti monday night in new orleans joe tested jordan todd black john the heels of alabama's dominating second half performance against glimpse in your biggest takeaway alabama's defense is back you know they they struggled down the stretch of the season with injuries and fatigue they were arrested they were refreshed there are a little bit ticked off and they played like it tonight they made the field feel slanted it felt like clemson was playing uphill the entire football game they dominated field position and they their offense stayed on schedule much better than clemson was able to refreshing getting healthier with a thirty seven days off from that time they lost that iron bowl until they played here in new orleans absolutely key they did get you more injury i'm going to get updates on them lester cotton starting offensive lyman every jennings who was also announced her in the past rush on defense how much is that concern you while it it's definitely concerning because they the linebacker position has been decimated throughout the season they finally got some guys back and africa jennings is one of those guys who missed a couple of games played outstanding tonight i don't think that that they will struggle if they lose him because he was a big factor in what they did.

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