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A part of most portfolios we have quite a chunk allocation to those within our portfolios eventually you'd expect a high quality higher quality government debt certainly the long and should start to price in the next recession in a sense that said that sort of start to get towards in a time that's not happening at the moment though you're finding the moment the bond market seems to be grappling with the reemergence of a kind of inflation and risk premium which has been substantially absent a negative even three much of this cycle down now looked looks to be returning a little bit so that saying the opposite the recession is nearing so in a sense you'll still sort of waiting for that to add to that to sort of you know if he recession signals for when the irs then turns down that kind of wendy wendy pencil pencil recession in management conversation middle pocket and clovis and earlier on this morning and he was saying it's a conversation to have for 2021 22 is not even a conversation before that i think that's probably right that it's not even a conversation before the i mean you know if you look at it this two types of uh or too broad causes the for sessions one exogenous one endogenous i the accession essner external factors wars oil shocks don't bother to try and predict that is you're never going to get them right very often and if you do then you know you're probably going to pick predict them to hourly anyway so in a sense you are looking at the sort of risks and trying to react to those as they come in endogenous i internallygenerated demand exceeding supply bringing with it all the sort of stuff that happens in the late cycle that still looks way off uh look at the inflation data and the wage they take another we're making such a fuss about schaal unemployment rates are very low in the us them they should be running out of labour market slack put in a sense this is a.

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