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To the FBI about his contacts with Russians prosecutors wanted to sentence him six months tonight the ongoing Russia investigation has reached president trump's innermost circle Flynn pleaded guilty to repeatedly loaning to the FBR Paul man afford guilty convicted on eight counts exclusive footage you're looking at right now from C. N. N. as the F. B. I. arrived at Roger stone's residence in fort Lauderdale Florida taking him into custody tonight Roger stone is a convicted felon a jury found him guilty on all seven counts including witness tampering and making false statements to Congress okay well what about the inspector general reports that pointed out numerous instances of lying by deep state actors yeah listen everyone I talked to today members of Congress others I I get interviewed governor does not make any sense Republicans are losing faith in the institution of the justice department because nobody has been prosecuted for the misconduct that is sitting out in the open that is such a powerful statement that's about the party of law and order doesn't trust me the entity that's supposed to impose water why is that there have been four or five well documented to the false statements one instance of a document being falsified in the Russia case right and FBI lawyer but we changed the document the changes meaning to hide the truth not a single one of those FBI employees have been charged with a crime and so when you got real American you talk to people you know the shop from being out there people say there's two there's two department of justice one for the George Papadopoulos and Michael in the world and the other one called the department of justice where FBI employees get protected from the same crime the criminal charges that a normal person would face it's a very troubling situation for many people I talk to it now there's going to be this well but there's gonna be this hearing with the judge bill Barr that is to take place that's that's gonna if that's going to happen next month in the hearing they're gonna would address according to Doug Collins ranking member of the judiciary as to them on the status of the dorm investigation and number two is are there adequate resources for all the people that asked me I do believe that the evidence is so overwhelming and so incontrovertible and what my sources tell me if they've gone so deep and wide that's why it takes a long time and unlike the inspector general they actually have the power and authority to convene a grand jury and to charge but that's important yeah how does a cent I look at I I understand from my reporting that burns team of the justice department have confirmed that the origins of the Russia collusion case did not begin on July thirty first twenty sixteen like the FBI claims when they open the operation crossfire hurricane filed for many many months before perhaps as early as November or December of twenty fifteen if that's true that opens up an entire array of false statements and false testimony cases it also raises the question if there wasn't an FBI file that was required to control investigations how were they during that investigation by the FBI and the CI a outsourcing investigative work to foreign allies or maybe even private citizens to get the sort of dirt they needed before they could open up the bogus cases they did this is troubling stuff that's why it's taking so much time for John turned to put this very complicated piece together what I am hearing a significant amount of progress was made but made both on the origins of the case and other misconduct is not yet public in the case right now do you believe that prominent names that we have discussed now for three years will finally face justice and they'll be indicted that's a great question I I'm still skeptical of the idea of the darkness I have been all along and and I I think I predicted on your show back in November that I thought McCabe would get a password you did on lying to the FBI I think the threshold is high and I think the reason for it being high is that I think prosecutors in bill bars office know that getting an indictment against a trump critic in either New York or Washington which of the two places most likely you would file the charges for the crimes occurred is much harder given the partisan nature of our cities and so it's going to have to be a big case but I do believe we're gonna see a lot more shaming and a lot more misconduct exposed I think we only know about twenty percent of the misconduct right now Sean well Lindsey Graham is now he's bringing in all of these people that his committee said he wants to grow rod Rosenstein as to why here I wanted Muller when you're ready news the russiagate was a hoax that's an important question for rod Rosenstein to be able to answer Lindsey Graham also says is FISA probe will focus on Christopher Steele's Russian sources and then it gets right to the heart of okay who paid me who what when and where and all this talk about Russian interference that did occur now hopefully comes to light if it doesn't I think we're in big trouble yeah absolutely and I think at the end of the day the president has said this many times if you want to avoid a repeat of this if you want a future president not to go through what he did go to a halt investigation the halls set of accusations and that the entire intelligence community be involved in it you need to have some accountability that goes beyond just firing in terminations date we haven't seen that accountability but I think a criminal case would certainly send a resounding message the playmate look so much wrongdoing that was going on does it need to be like a team of never ending investigators to get to the bottom of all the corruption and abuse of power John Solomon thank you and we'll have you back off an eight hundred nine four one Sean toll free telephone.

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