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Team event. We got kids. Who has a great track record? I don't think Scott Brown lost on a playoff one year and they just have a very good track record and then max homa and Taylor gooch to barstool golf foreplay, you know, Friends of the program. As well. So I got a bunch of bunch of good teams who Scottie playing with. Is he with. Burns? It would make a lot of sense. I know him and Sam Burns are very good buddies. I feel like he was playing with chef le Zürich class sick. You think it'd be burns? I think it's burns. It says last year he played with Scottish where bubba Watson, but I doubt that that's the same thing. No, that ain't it this year. Oh, it's just as flash interview. I don't know if they played together. We should figure that out. But anyways, you're a classic YouTuber going to be there. I'm excited to see what you cook up throughout the entire week. I got a Ryan Palmer, Ryan Palmer. I was gonna say because they're both Texas. They both are Texas guys. I thought you might have played Palmer. Is that who he's got? I like that. He followed me on Twitter the other day. He's another one that when we do that Texas swing that we're going to do, we go beat the shit out of Scottish chef for and then beat the shit out of Harry Higgs and then beat the shit out of Ryan Palmer. Ryan Palmer is going to be part of that. He called us one time Trent. Remember the first time we had him on the show, he called us driving his son to hockey practice one night. I do remember that. He was a really nice guy. He's super nice guy. I have his number actually. I forgot, I should text him. Follow up. Dude, there's some really good teams in here. I mean, column Morikawa and Victor hovland is a problem. Patrick cat lane, Xander schauffele problem. Sky shuffling, Ryan Palmer, problem, 'cause you have the best golfer on the planet in that group. I mean, the Zürich classic puts asses in the seats. Jason Day is there? I mean, fuck. You guys might get some of the best stuff we've ever gotten next week. Dude, I've read. I read in the credentials that we're gonna have a band around our arm and we can just walk inside the ropes and add a PGA Tour event that's never happened for the fucking foreplay boys. So the fact that celebrity golfers and everything..

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