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Partial there's a yeah another So i am by the way with greg ward. No balloon but So i mean. Commanders has a special place in my heart. But that sucks dude like that is such a terrible name I don't know why. And i don i feel about this but i don't know like i've always thought that the patriots should be that bad teams name because you're in washington. Dc theoretically you know what. I mean But i i mean i get you know i. My point is i wouldn't be opposed to like a a geographical thai. What about the monuments. Just i'm just thinking you know what i mean like this. That's still better than commanders. And defenders is so bad What if they were like the dc defenders instead of the washington defenders. Now wasn't there wasn't the defenders also an xfl. It does sound familiar. I was like why does that sound familiar. I think they were look it up real quick and we can find out if there were and sure enough they were. That was literally i was like. Why is this sound. good yeah They were the xfl team. Good job by me there More like about remembering that totally forgot that. I think carl jones was on that team. If i'm not mistaken Yet but i had nice wander cowboys. Current punter there you go. I like that though. I like a. dc defenders. I like literally shen. There wouldn't mind them going by. Like if you want to drop the washington right with that ultimately i do think like from posterity standpoint. I wanna see them. Keep the same colors. I don't wanna see a whole revamp in that sense So it's it's you got to pick something that makes sense. That's why red wolves works in. And they i mean they if you go red walls. I know that. I don't know how all this works. And what they've decided or whatever but you could use the older helmets that have the just the the letter r. Couldn't you like that. I'm not opposed to that. I like the at washington's watching washington's color scheme is nice like you know i it it can pop in a late afternoon sun. I would say it's unique. I would say. I don't. I don't like it and it's but it's a nice like india in the context that we we live our lives with you like to see what twice a year. It's not boring it's repetitive. It's not like all these teams that use like red black and basic color combination. Yeah so to their credit. Yeah they have that going for them. I think it's kind of ugly can be sometimes certain contexts depending on how things are used but a the i think Red wolves is clear winner. I think everyone has felt that way for a long time. And since like martin getting this done So we're still waiting. I think i don't even think washington football team is that bad. They wanna keep that. I think that's fine But like make a decision at some point again. Just let this thing linear. You have to commit to something. And it's time make a decision already. I also feel bad for washington Say you're in general but like say you're a chase young support right. You wanna have a chase young jersey like do you really wanna buy one right now that you really want to buy a washington football team jersey. Your being at the start you know. Jump on the bandwagon when you want to. I'm just saying like you know that's a missed opportunity for me like curtis samuel joins a team like. There's a lot of hype gibson like you know it. It would be cool to have these. You know things like not even jerseys but like bobbleheads whatever blah blah my question on red wolves should it be one word or two words. I kind of like to. But i don't know again historical significance and everything That's true. I don't know that either but it's just that such it's such a lot to type. That's how i feel about washington for washington football team yet. It's so much to type and when when you tweet it it's like it's so much longer than everything else that it creates a new line you know. Sometimes i go washington. Ft soccer team you know what i mean but as yeah but yeah let's make a move here washington like what are you waiting for at this point. The washington wolves certain I kinda liked that. And i liked the alliteration there. I like the double. W you know what i mean. So i'm not opposed to that I can't think of anything else. Like i know some people throughout the washington. Sentinels off the replacements. But i mean hockey team name really who's descent. Who's the sentinels at hockey while. I'm like the senators and stuff. Like i feel like that'd be like that's not the same thing it's a thing reminds me of that. I'm saying the vibe that's like that's just like the vibe of that name hockey team mate. I also think you have to speaking of because this happens. Live in hockey. It has to be. It has to be a team where you have like a plural form of it. What like a plural. that's the letter s. it. I mean like like. I like. I hate the magic or the thunder or the minnesota wild or or vallance. Yeah because like. If i was on a team i would wanna think like. I am a insert the mascot here. I mean like what are you. If you're you know a heat or like jazz or you know what i mean. It's so you've gotta you've gotta have something. I've always loved that the nfl didn't have that. But you know right. Now we're in this weird place but Okay any last final important. Non important thoughts related to the. Nfc's gonna end on well shoutout to te'o and out to. What are you having for lunch today. Biaggi i'm going to have a bigger kind of cream cheese flavored butter today. But i do like cheese. Let's more for like an account. That's like a special occasion. I gotta especially reportedly. Nfc's mixed it. It wasn't Biaggi the last word is yours fight..

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