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That he didn't play well he played really poorly. Probably one of the worst games i've ever seen. But he had some key assists in that game most notably a nice left hand. Zip pass to kevin durant for a key layup. nice cut from durant with. I'm just. I'm still shocked. I was watching the game. Just shocked shocked shocked that they weren't involving him in the offensive actions. If you're the bucks explain to me tell me by curtain it was so clear to me as a novice. I never played the nba. Never coached never played college. I'm watching the game. Like why don't they just attack. James harden can't move. Why didn't they do that. That was a mistake. There's no it's houston. I can make for your family like you have to find a way to challenge james harden and not allow him to basically be out there and you really never go at them and the stat stands out to me. The most emotionally and psychologically is that james harden returned and play more minutes than yawns forty six minutes dot forty six seasons for her play minutes then jaanus so if you're watching the nfl game and elite wide receiver. The andrei hawkins are is playing against the rams and having a great game and movement of all around the field. What do you think jalen ramsey go go to the sideline until the defensive coordinator and his head coach. I'm following him. I don't care if you got me on the right side. I don't care what you're saying. I don't care what we practice. All we care what the game plan is. But i'm following him. He leads up in the backfield. I'll be he lands up.

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