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Cleveland, Boston, Greg discussed on Full Court Press



You know i'm reminding facility to cleveland's office of firepower that we've seen in recent history and i'll add just going by recollection nothing at the end it was thirteen pests on defense in boston was start to finish the best on defense so that factors into kind of greg's perspective he was sharing there as well no that's fair i think the the glass half full on the the cavs is that maybe the those those bad offensive performances are behind them as they've kind of fallen more into this veteran group that is playing more minutes it's a team it's more comfortable you mentioned the former lakers guys are no longer really in the equation for the cavs and in watching the game today when i was rewatching the cavs game i thought of the two thousand eight boston celtics won the championship and they and now hearing us reference the seven games pacers went if you remember those boston sets celtics got push seven games in the one eight matchup between the chicago bulls and and i remember doc rivers afterwards saying that that was huge for them to not only kind of work through the kinks but to get to get pushed early to understand that we need to always be playing at our elite level which you know you think should be should be a given but again glass half full i'm not sure i believe in this calcium as much as i did that celtics that celtics group but maybe that's what's happening here too with this veteran group that is similar to that that oh eight that eight celtics group this is weird because it's celtics celtics but.

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Cleveland, Boston, Greg discussed on Full Court Press

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