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In washington feeds the deadliest ever attacked by islamic extremists in the egypt had lost two hundred thirty five people were killed in a crowded mosque when militants blasted worshippers with gunfire and rocketpropelled grenades the attack appeared to be the latest by the area's local islamic state affiliate correspondent soghra mougani tells us were president trump is condemning the deadly incident the president calls it a horrible and cowardly terror attack on innocent and defenceless worshippers tweeting while playing golf with tiger woods and dusted johnson he wrote the world cannot tolerate terrorism writing we must defeat them militarily and discredit the extremist ideology that forms the basis of their existence he'd earlier tweeted that be in in the middle east in the first place is a mistake authorities say the assailants got away there was a scare in london earlier today shoppers scattered in panic and police flooded one of the city's busiest areas after multiple reports of shots being fired at oxford circus subway station but an hour later police said they had found no sign of any gunshots suspects or casualties london transit authorities say oxford circus station has reopened the mall of america in minnesota says that twenty five hundred people were in line at the five am opening this morning that's in line with a year ago four black friday in massachusetts melvin hernandez was shopping he spent his entire thanksgiving day waiting outside of best my store though buses they got their own that the end sharp the full case on smarts eighty four 179 any nine original prices 500 a looked at up everywhere in you can't get that there are nowhere else wall street today the dow jones up thirty two points the nasdaq was ahead by twenty two more on these stories at town hall dot com ronald reagan was a man who lived his principles he showed us through his life his faith with his words that your day of christian values and principles matter now you can spread the legacy of ronald reagan by getting a reagan email address just last year was reported that in 2015 yahoo secretly built a custom software program research all of its customers emails for specific information they agreed to do this without a warrant.

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