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And sheriff announcing last month they were coordinating an investigation into the alleged use of lawler's. Credit card for personal use he is currently. In treatment for drug addiction a federal judge has been pulled off to. High profile cases in Illinois after he allegedly exchanged emails with, a paralegal about a trial he was overseeing judge Colin Bruce was presiding over former congressman Aaron shocks corruption case as well as the case of Brent christianson who's accused of kidnapping and killing a Chinese scholar. From the university of Illinois but, now the chief judge says Bruce has temporarily resigned his cases the move coming days after emails came to light in which Bruce. Allegedly told a paralegal bet in a trial of a woman convicted of international parental kidnapping he. Cringed at the prosecutor's cross examination Ryan burrow WGN news and undocumented immigrant arrested in the death of Molly Tibbets in Iowa the suspect, who had been, living in, the, US, for at. Least four years charged with first degree murder, police say home surveillance video captures the twenty four year old suspects, car following Tibbets while she jogged on July. Eighteenth red flags were up across Chicago beaches after the national weather service issued a hazard. Warning for the second day in a row. Titan instead of swimming here there is the potential for dangerous riptides in. Waves of two eight feet in some areas that warning runs, through tomorrow for Illinois in Indiana and I'll WGN sports here's Kevin Powell thank you Judy Michael kopecks major league debut is about an hour away he'll face the twins at socks park animator as a pre. Game at six thirty five you, can hear what the SOX clubhouse is saying about the arrival of one of the most high Prospects in franchise history at an. DJ will have the call at seven ten right here on WGN Darvish has done for the. Year after an MRI revealed a stress, reaction in his pitching elbow so just eight starts this season for the one hundred twenty. Six million dollar man the cubs adding a big bat to their slumping offense today they made a. Trade, with, the nationals for second baseman Daniel Murphy and a good sign with Kris Bryant he took live batting practice ahead, of the cubs Tigers game in Detroit. Is he works his way back from a shoulder injury Kyle Hendricks will take the mound tonight bears are closing in, on their first home preseason game of the year the host new coach Matt Nagy former team the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL's competition, committee will hold a. Conference call tomorrow. In which the. Helmet rule will be discussed no major changes to the. Ruler anticipated but efforts to achieve clarity and consistency will continue is what in, Rapoport is. Reporting a rule is generated its fair share of criticism this preseason.

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