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Do radio shows better than me. I only do two shows a day do three shows a day. Go right ahead. Knock yourself out. But if you're okay. With the political leadership of your party working aggressively to destroy a man's life to move forward their agenda because they hate the president so much well, then get off my lawn. Got time for that. Let me let me take another way who would. Who wants to be around that who wants to be a part of that who wants that in charge. When you realize the answer is no one that's the answer. I don't want it in charge anywhere who spoke out against tariffs. Me, you know, speaks out against tweets me. Yeah. You wanna just put me in in in the I Trump bar time. Yeah. Yeah. You wonder what are you? What are you? Trump's new holster is. I mean, God I heard everything under the sun. But if you are, okay. With this democratic leadership having power after what they did to break cab. Not ended ease what they did to Brad Kavanagh. You see I have an allegation from Dr Ford. I have the facts on maisy Hirono have the facts on Cory Booker. I've the facts on Richard Blumenthal, and dick Durbin and Amy club HR Dianne Feinstein. We always forget to put her in the mix. I think she's going to lose in California, by the way, she's running against another liberal. Kevin de Leon all I think Diane Feinstein is going to lose. Oh, absolutely. I do I think that they're done. They're going to they're going to go on a whole new position McConnell, Harris. Their senior Senator do the whole thing. So that I just wanna make sure I got that out there. Don't be so silly. When you reach out before focused be focused, but anybody who would accept this leftist leadership on anybody. And if you say to me, well, you accept Trump. Yeah. Yeah. Because I have tax cuts and I have a a working Connie. I have a conversation at least about national security. I have things that I can point to a.

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