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Thompson, Eric Dagens. What is making you happy, man. I feel bad. 'cause you guys always say what's making you happy and always go. Well, this is exactly making me. You go for that cure. It's making me curious or in this case, it's making me angry, but it's really important. So there is this amazing documentary that is going to be on lifetime in three installments called surviving are Kelly. And if you haven't heard about it yet, you got to check it out dream Hampton, the cultural critic is sort of show runner of this. And they basically assembled a team and they went, and they talked to everyone that they could get to talk to them who was connected to the Rb singer R Kelly to investigate these claims that he has consistently for decades had sexual relations with underage women that he's control them to an extent that is almost cultish that he has developed this coterie of women that he's cut off from their families and their friends and made them totally dependent on him. It's amazing to me that we're in this world where people at bathing online about whether Louis C. K should come back or a discussion about the inward that happened on a HBO special back in two thousand and nine when we have a relatively successful Rb singer who has been credibly accused of sort of horrific sexual crimes against young girls and people seem to act like they have 'em Nisha about it. And so this documentaries in three parts at airs over three days, and it starts on January third. I would suggest everyone check it out and really get to know the story of our Kelly because the concern is that the reason why this isn't a bigger issue is because almost all of his victims have been alleged victims have been young black women and society doesn't care about those kinds of people as much as they care about other kinds of people, and so people turn a blind eye to it because they'd rather believe the Atkin believe Eck and fly version of our Kelly rather than this very dark abusive version that this documentary makes a case for as I said understand why happy is not exam. The word, but but a a meaningful. Yeah. I mean fallen important contribution. Thank you, Eric Dagens. What is making me happy this week? There is a film that went directly to net flicks. The seer well last year twenty eighteen called private life, and it stars Kathryn Hahn and Paul Giamatti as a couple who are struggling with infertility was written and directed by tamra Jenkins who also made the savages and smother films, and you know, I don't always like infertility stories about people in their forties because it can seem kind of whacky in. They can make it seem kind of wacky. When they're talking about the, you know, the injections and the clinics and the doctors and those things, and I know enough people who've really kind of been in great pain over this issue that I don't always go for those things. That's not what this film is. It is it is funny in places for sure. But it's really about this. Couple and their relationship, and how it's affected by this struggle in their lives, it avoids a great many cliches that I have come to expect from stories like this and the performances from Kathryn Hahn and Paul giamati are really thoughtful and moving it's a less if you're used to kind of the more goofy version of Kathryn Hahn from sitcoms and things like that. This is a much more restrained performance from her the film is really smart. And I think, unfortunately, one thing that sometimes happens with Netflix films. They don't quite feel like movies for the purposes of movie critics so they sometimes don't quite make that coverage, and they don't quite feel like television for television critics, and they don't quite make that coverage. But this is a film it played at film festivals. It is a movie, but you can find it on Netflix. And I don't think it suffers at all. From the fact that it's presented at at home. It's nominated for three independent spirit awards and. I could not recommend it more again private life starring Kathryn Hahn and Paul Giamatti. And that is what is making me happy this week..

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