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You really have to I in the chamber because we didn't do one last week. So have that. What are you reviewing for us? This Week David Samson. So I'm doing this in very much more detail and nothing personal. I think tomorrow but I have to bring up a show to all the audience because I'm obsessed with it. It's on my mind. I watched an entire series in one five hour stretch. I didn't move and it's a show called Dave's Oh I love that show. Oh my God I heard was told by someone who I have. Great recruit ability with in terms of tastes. He said. Just watch Dave. I said what's it about. Just Watch Dave so I got Hulu and watch Dave. It is worth the price of Hulu. It is about eight Jewish rapper. He's a white Jewish rapper. Whose name is little dicky. By the way watch the entire series and I didn't know that that was a real person. It's a real person. It's a real rapper. That has real salt. I know idea. I thought that he was just a funny Seinfeld. Like sort of Larry. David sort of neurotic guy. Who is a great actor? I knew that he wrote the show he produced the show. I didn't realize that it's all his guys. And it's all real. It is brilliant. He's brilliant. It's hysterical some of the scenes in some of the episodes when you put a hole in a picnic table. That's IT I. It's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. This series opens with him trying to explain deformity to a doctor and he goes through this entire thing. The opening shot. You don't know the character you don't know anything. I was hooked from the first three minutes. If you've got five extra hours which in quarantine just start. You won't stop. Dave is maybe the best series I've seen boy in a very very long time. Everyone that's actually given David Shot. It has nothing but the best things to say about it. And I'm right there with you. In the Seinfeld curb your enthusiasm comparisons are so dead on its so observational at has the same pace to it. The fact that they're leaning into real life characters the way that Seinfeld curb does yeah I. It's a dead on comparison and and dickey is an unbelievable talent. And He's armed with the support of some of the most powerful people in Hollywood in the music industry because scooter. Braun has an executive producer credit on this. And that's how you get. Cameos of Courtney Kardashian that just pop in there that's how it's music career really got off the ground because the as music video called. Get that money. Mark Cuban and Tom Petty Show Up. And there's video and you're like how is this guy that I'm just hearing about getting all these amazing cameos because he assigned to scoot run. So did you know about him as a rapper before you decided to watch the show? Yeah I've known about Little Dicky for I WANNA say four years and yet you still weren't interested in the show until someone tells you to watch it. I guess I had preconceived notions about the show and I just wanted to get like good reviews and people word of mouth got to me and enough people kept hammering me with with Dave. You know what a commitment is. Start a new show and I burn through it in two days. It was incredible by the way. It's a perfect way to end this. Because you just said something that many people thank and they realized how silly it is that you had this preconceived notion of something and therefore you weren't willing to give it a try and then you give it a try and you say why did I think anything possibly could be negative about it yet. The next time you go right back to the same preconceived notions. Yes and you'd think I learned my lessons because a lot of people have preconceived notions about David Johnson. Former MARLINS team president hosts have nothing personal but joins us on the local hour and the episodes are better than you can ever imagine. David thank you so much I wanNA talk to. Have you seen uncut gems on Netflix? Course I saw that last night. Let's all right. Let's do a little bit real quick because I got to get the national show going here in a bid uncut gems. The pacing of this movie gave me anxiety. It's an anxiety inducing movie right number one takeaway is Kevin. Garnett can actually act which. I was impressed with number. Two Adam Sandler is an actor. That is much deeper than happy. Gilmore and Billy Madison He. This movie deserves an Oscar nomination. The anxiety with the score and the dialogue and the script makes it so. I didn't know how would end and we're indefinitely. I guess we could spoil it. It's been out. Don't spoil it because it just hit Netflix's it's number one on Netflix. So people are finding this movie. Now I know I. I wanted to wait till it was actually on Netflix. Because I knew it was going to be on Netflix. In May so I waited. It's well worth so we won't spoil it except to say it's a troubling movie and obviously gambling in sports it's very pertinent today and this movie dives into it in a way that you will not soon forget absolutely and another cameo cagey is not just the only person that plays himself the weekend actually plays himself in this movie and has a couple of good scenes too. So checkout uncut gems. Maybe we can talk about it a little bit more. As more and more people see this will continue talking about the Montreal. Expos and the expos are very passionate topic for a lot of Fans that actually loved that team so if you have questions about the Montreal Expos hit me up on twitter at Michael Ryan Ruis. We Will Grill David same for the second consecutive week on the Montreal Expos and then we'll move on to our next topic. I'm thinking Jack mckeon for next episode. That's just centered.

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