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Talk, about smart appliances smart garage doors smart light smart homes smart light switches, are close I mean everything seems to be smart now what about smart clothing when Levi's teamed up with. Google to make a, denim jacket with, smart sleeves I wasn't so sure that we needed a jacket that would let you wave your arm. To change your song or wave your arm to answer a call but now Tommy hilfiger has got into the game they have a brand new coal clothing line loaded with smart tags now. These tags hook up to an app over. Bluetooth so that this way when you're, wearing the clothes and you have the app active is that you can do. So called challenges so like for example you're walking around you can start. Collecting Tommy heart's on an m.. App map when you're wearing the Tommy, smart clothes I guess this would be Fun I don't know kind of sounds. Like a gimmick to me And finally this happened this baffled apple. I MAC owner he has. Discovered a bug living. Inside, his computer I know what, you're thinking we all have bugs no not just, a regular bug a spider living inside the screen of his computer and he has no idea. To to get it out in a video posted to YouTube guy by the name Timothy Buchanan showed the eight legged critter darting. Around his, eye max, screen completely blocked off from the outside world he says if I I thought it was. A digital spider like someone. Playing a trick on me or something but? This? Thing is real. Does anybody know how to get it out Twenty. Seventeen I, MAC there's, a gap between the display panel and the pain of glass it's point two centimeters and. It's com- and they say. For spiders to be even smaller than this So the real mysteries how the spider managed to get, into the I MAC now in the video the Buchanan, guy guesses at the spider made its way. Through the rear vents now those events are there to help cool down the I MAC and then the fix. Is just poured in somebody said just suck. It up with a vacuum, cleaner somebody else said by can of compressed air then blow short bursts, of air. Through the, bottom vans directly underwear the spider has settled down in the monitor. I don't know about, you but maybe the spider was just using the web or making a website Checking, out the webcam or maybe doing his own webcasts I'll stop right there Who. Are you going to call. When your computer doesn't work it's just so slow, you, want to, mount television do you want? To fix, all those of WI fi dead, zone spaces that you might have you know it's pretty..

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