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But I feel like there's a whole I had to code switch to those in here being vulnerable and then I can't honk. Yeah okay but that's guy mode. I did not but I coach switched because shing back. Yeah yeah interesting. The there's one piece that was written after this book came out In Men's health by this Guy Brad. Weiner's he was. He said that he felt that. He saw himself reflected in some of the me too stuff. His behavior his past not accused key recognize. Oh yeah you know. And he's like okay. So how am I gonNa do this differently with my kid. And he like took seriously the stuff in the book and really grappled with and went in like had these conversations with his son. I felt like I was watching watching an action. It was really really cool but but it was struggling with. How do you have these conversations with boys on support them in making that kind of change or just thinking about their dynamics with women or any of this stuff vulnerabilities like guys vulnerability especially when they're drunk To over preceding yes You know just seeing anything. That girl does or says any active friendliness. It's on right now. How to about that he will. That's my big so so the thing I've said on here before is I agree wholeheartedly with the direction it's going. I think God it's going directions going again. I have two daughters thank God. It's going the direction it's going with. That said I think the entire traditional role of a man pursues a woman. She's got the brake pedal and he's got the gas pedal that too has to change because people have to hook up. People need to Fall in love and have sex. So yes we're going to teach the guys as we should put the fucking brakes on but we also have to tell. Ub ASSERTIVE UNM sex. You pursue you know what I'm saying like if they do had this whole thought about that recently because I I was talking at a at a girls school and this dad raised his hand and said I just. I'm really troubled by the way we've been talking about consent like it's something that boys are getting from girls and that is still not you know giving girls the agency right. So is writing this book and I was Writing about this whole thing about gay guys how they're better at negotiating consent and like navigating consent and straight people. And how the because they kind of have to learn how to do that. Because it's not like what's going to happen with whom or how is that. There's more defined roles that they have to have a discussion doing what that's what I'm thinking about. Whatever you're going to do and an so. Dan Savage so Dan said to me at the beginning of a gain connor with two guys that they'll say the magic words. What are you into Manhattan moment? You will anything in and anything out. Everything's on the table. And you have this discussion and it's like the kind of open to question you. Wish people would ask in a section of all people with us but I started thinking about it after I was like. Yeah that's really great and I wrote about that and I said you know this'll be ideal after that Moore recently been thinking but dance. Gay Sex with men If you had heterosexual young people and and a guy asked that question the answer and this is back to these hidden. The the girls answer might be. I have no earthly idea right. So where do we go from there? Yeah how do we get from that? Who People being men and women young men and young women in particular starting their sexual experiences being able to ask that question and answer that For Real because that's when we're going to be where we need to be with stuff entirely and I yeah I just worry that the I just worry who's instigating and you're right and did the. The concepts never even considered whether the guy gave consent. I've never even heard. I've never read one line of Writing About Guy. Giving each book. Oh Okay I'm not. They're not that far..

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