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Still hoping to tour the US was Steve Winwood this summer the twenty three date tour is supposed to start June second supposed to June second in Portland front man Donald Fagen says he's been hanging tight in the mean time Fagen told Rolling Stone that during isolation he's been listening to his heroes Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie and then he joked he's been gargling Clorox under a sun lamp oh my okay former vice president Biden responding to allegations of sexual assault we have that story on the way we also have your weekend forecast and your updated traffic looks like there's some slough crossing going on at the border we'll have Kevin dean koco news time is eight twenty seven in these challenging times your Toyota dealers are ready to help any way they can from I heart radio number one for podcast stuff you missed in history class people and events and places that history that are maybe overlooked or under appreciated things that happen in history that shape the world we live in today tension trying to bring them into a little bit more light and a little more awareness things that are sometimes weird sometimes wonderful sometimes scary and sometimes sad but all of them are important stories or an episode of stuff you missed in history class Sunday night at six you're on kogo our virtual meetings now part of your new normal is your conference room ready to go back to work whether you use Skype teams go to meeting Polycom resume I T. AV solutions will modernize your essential meeting space to meet today's video conferencing demands I T. A. B. as been trusted by San Diego's top corporations for over a decade and were named national audio visual consultant by CIO review in twenty nineteen scheduled your custom.

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