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Back now. Great question, too. If if you are Not goingto oversees your lawn. And in your case, you probably, you know, probably not gonna plant or maybe you do plant a winter pasture. But for those that are not going to oversee ead, then yes, I would. I would fertilize one more time because it'll do two things. It will keep your Bermuda grass is Healthy and growing. They're not going to put on a lot of leaf growth, but it'll stay healthy. The other thing that those primitives air starting to do now is build up carbohydrates and store up energy. So when they do go dormant, they can have some energy stored up to come back. Next spring, and it will help with that, too. And up north in the coal country. They put their lawns to bed by doing a fall feeding On them just so that they'll have that extra energy stored up. Hang tight, do it. We can do a lot of things, but we can't stop the clock had in the bottom of the hour news If you'd like to join the line up one triple 87674348. That's one triple H. Rosie for you in the auto attendant answers Hit number one. You bypassed the 42nd recorded message That'll put you right in the studio. Text for 11923. Email Info on Rosie on the house dot com. Capital One knows life doesn't alert you about your credit card. A couch surfers. We've got nonstop tunes to keep you rocking while you work. Oh, and Colleen? Yes, you Colleen with the K Your free trial of movie Plus ends tomorrow and your card, maybe charged. Do you want to continue or cancel so meaty know the capital? One assistant looks out for surprise charges like Winfrey trials expire and helps if you need to fix them, you know another way, Capital One is watching out for your money when you're not Capital one. What's in your wallet? Limitations of life? Pinnacle roofing has been installing and repairing roofs over 25 years. That's 25 years. Experience of heat, monsoon and winter rain residential commercial flat. Pitched pinnacle Roofing Has you covered all your roofing need installs and repairs. Rosie on the house partner. Give him a ring at 623792 54 97 our pinnacle roofing ese dot com. R O. C. 161685 Bill Edmund's project manager for innovations, Tom Riley's The Owners were capable of handling everything that a client may bring to us. The kitchen remodels half three models. I've seen some nice, full custom.

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