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The dreaded starbucks invasion stalled at the gates of vienna continue past hotel. Soccer at the end of the street is a small triangular. Cobbled square adorned with modern sculptures. Albertina Albertina plots on your left is the albertina museum. It's modern entrance is topped by sleek titanium. Canopy critics call it the diving board. The museum is worth a visit for chandeliered rooms and it's paintings from impressionism to modern art. The albertina is housed in a long tan and white neoclassical building. It's the tip of the hochberg policy. The sprawling complex of buildings at the habsburg emperors called home will end this walk at the center of the hochberg. Albertina platts itself is filled with statues. This is the powerful thought provoking monument against war and fascism. It remembers the dark years from nineteen thirty eight to nineteen forty five when austria came under the rule of nazi germany. It's also poignant reminder of the brutality of all war start with the split whitestone monument these are called the gates of violence standing directly in front of it. You're at the symbolic gates of a concentration camp. It's a montage of wartime images. There are clubs and world war one gas masks. A dying woman gives birth to a future soldier chained slave labors. Sit on a pedestal of granite. The stone comes from the infamous corey at the mutt house and concentration camp. It's just up the danube from vienna. Where one hundred thousand prisoners died behind the gates of islands. The hunched over figure on the ground is an austrian jew forced to scrub anti-nazi graffiti off the street with a toothbrush of vienna's two hundred thousand jews about a third died in nazi concentration camps the nearby statue with a head buried. The stone is orpheus. Entering the underworld he reminds austrians and the rest of us of the horrible consequences of turning a blind eye to the fascist threat finally behind orpheus stands the declaration that established a democratic austria in nineteen forty-five and once again restored the country's basic human rights. One more thing this monument stems on the spot where world war two bombs struck demolishing a seller and burying several hundred people alive austria had been led into world war two by germany which annexed the country in nineteen. Thirty eight saying austrians. Were wanna be germans anyway. But australians are not. Germans were never will be there quick to tell you that whereas germany wasn't a nation until eighteen seventy austria has thousand year heritage after the war. Austria lived through ten years of joint occupation by the victorious allies then in nineteen fifty five. It was granted. Total independence and austria was a free nation. Once again on albertina plots you may see. One of vienna's many traditional hotdog vendors stole over for a closer look averse versatile..

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