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Anchor and a radio DJ. He was just twenty three years old to round out his forty hour workweek. He sometimes ran the board during radio news broadcasts, and I was doing that on the afternoon of November twenty second nineteen sixty three. My assignment was to be in the control room at noon. We do a live newscast, then they would have the weather forecast. And the last fifteen minutes they would play a tape of that day's agricultural report, the agricultural report began at twelve twenty five then at twelve thirty hell Nelson, one of our radio newscast guys broke into the control room and said put me on the air immediately. The president has been shot. Nelson gave live updates until KTBS's which to live national coverage from CBS radio anchored by Walter Cronkite ears I- bulletin from CBS news, president Kennedy has been the victim of an assassin's. Bullet in Dallas, Texas. It is not known as yet whether the president survived the attack against him. The she'll just two hundred miles on governor owned by live in and the Johnson. We had a five storey building at tenth and Brazil's in downtown Austin within a half an hour. We had secret service agents on every floor.

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