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When it comes to digital data mining was a major richard trust and i'm really sorry that this happened we have a basic responsibility to protect people's data and if we can't do that then we don't deserve to have the opportunity to serve people so our responsibility now is to make sure that this doesn't happen again and zuckerberg issued an extensive apology on facebook setting up a time line of events saying we also made mistakes there's more to do and we need to step up and do it here's a timeline of events in two thousand seven we launched the facebook platform with the vision that more apps should be social your calendar should be able to show your friend's birthdays your map should show you where your friends live in your address book should show you their pictures to do this we enabled people to log into absence share who their friends were and some information about them in twenty thirteen a cambridge university researcher named alexander kogan created a personality quiz app it was installed by around three hundred thousand people who shared their data's well as some of their friends data given the way our platform worked at the time this meant cogan was able to access tens of millions of their friends data two thousand seven we launched this platform 2013 someone takes advantage of it but nothing interesting happened in the intervening six years interestingly enough it did and facebook itself not a third party app was responsible for it almost immediately after the cambridge analytica story broke wide open and for those unfamiliar a quick recap cambridge politica is a data firm that has zuqar berg said in his apology created a facebook personality tests that a bunch of people took well when you installed and took this test you consented to give cambridge analytica the people behind the test access to your facebook profile this gave them access to your friends lists cambridge analytica was then going through the friends lists to compile voter databases that were used to help president trump in the two thousand sixteen election before that in two thousand sixteen cambridge analytica got involved in the brexit campaign with people who wanted to leave the european union almost as soon as this happened almost as soon as this.

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