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I'm Paul I'm not getting all the basics out of the way here for some reason come on. I'm trying to get to regroup recip- on five point two Yarra for the club after going and giving up or check that excuse me four point. I'm looking at the wrong box score. Let's get the right one last night. I'm having all kinds of issues this residuals effect of eighteen inning game yesterday. All right. Four point seven ninety are a for this club. They were five four five what four days ago five days ago. That's and we talked so much on yesterday show about how incredible of day Ryan Braun. Had with the six hits. He could raise his average about forty points in a game. And he raised his point has averaged about seventy points over a three day period from a team standpoint to drop your ERA from the mid five to four point seven nine three or four day period. That's just as impressive. Yeah. They only gave up six runs in the bed since weekend. You'll all these games were low scoring was what was it three one four three and three to and to be able to come out on top is is. It's really good for this team right now. I mean, you just have to hope we've talked about it before they every team goes in. If you're good you're pitching staff is going to carry you for great lengths, and maybe have a little bit of a letdown. You hope right now, we're seeing with this staff is the beginning of a great length type thing because there's a lot of guys capable of it. But there's still some some patch working that needs to be done. They're they're not done building. What what they're trying to accomplish pitching wise either with the starting rotation or the relievers right now, so you have to look at this and not just take it with a grain of salt. You gotta be happy for what you've seen and hope it continues. And I'm not sure to be negative here. But to your point we don't know who's going to even start exact on Tuesday. Yeah. There's a lot of guys in the bullpen. That are just at this point. They have not presented themselves in a way that anything more than a replaceable part. You look at the guys that have gone up and down. Whether it's Taylor Williams sent out. Adani heart. I j Jackson was delayed a lot of these Jacob Barnes any of these guys like that that second group of open guys like six seven guys who have been in and out in and out. None of them have really stepped forward to say I've got a job in this bullpen, and I'm not letting go of this job in the bullpen. And that's that's half of the bullpen right now. And it's crazy to think of all the numbers. You just said it's not like there's one spot remaining in there who wants it. There are several spots. Please go get them. And maybe you know, right now, they just don't have the guys that can that can do that. I mean, that's an easy answer that they don't right now. And that's part of the shuffle. But also part of the plan to be part of the shuffle. But I guarantee you this club and David Stearns does not want to get the San Antonio shuffle to where it's every single day. I don't know what the transactions were this week. So yeah. Some believable I'm going to read and you can go to brewers dot com out of mckelvey does a fantastic job covering this team. I'm going to read a paragraph from his pre-game story that he wrote prior to today's game because it's incredible. And this I don't even think this mentioned Burch Smith was brought up today. So this is before even the action of today. Birch Smith is that right? Got that name. Right. It is you looked at me like honest with you. I didn't know who that was until they brought him up. He's been killing AAA. He's been putting huge numbers yet. Smith. All right. So this is from Adam Calvi story today. I love this. The brewers have liberally made use of roster moves for several years. But circumstances have demanded a new level of activity in the past nine days in that span alone last week and a half. The brewers are formally signed GIO Gonzalez reinstated junior gear from the bereavement list. Sent Freddie Peralta on a rehab assignment. Amp brought him back place. Chase Anderson and Aaron wolf because on the ten day Angeles called up. Jay, Jackson, Donnie, heart Corbin burns, Adrian Hauser and Birch Smith sit down. Jay Jackson, heart, Taylor Williams. Nj Barnes designated for assignment, Jake Patricia Alex Wilson and Jackson, Patricia Wilson stayed in the organization. That's that's ridiculous eighteen or nineteen those are transacts. Yes. Folks over nine days, that's an average of two a day. It's insane. We saw last year. But this this is off the charts. This takes it to a new level. So that Dutch brewers bullpen right now. And. I will say this. You're you're basically painting the point here making the point that this is not by design, but look how incredibly tough it is for organizations to keep track of this. And to stay on top of things if you think for one second that, you know, David Stearns and his guys are are out. You know, having a Cup of coffee somewhere in talking sports around the water, cooler, whatever it is. They don't have time for that. Not not with what you just heard right there. Especially lately, they're trying to stay on top as much as they can. But this is this is extraordinarily right now. The brewers are a four games over five hundred their game and a half out of first place in the division that are one game out of a wildcard spot and all that's happening for anybody out there who says Craig counsel doesn't know what he's doing is a manager. I don't know how you hear all these moves that were just that have been made in this pitching and see a guy. Who's managing his tail off to try to find a way to put this team in the best possible position to get wins. And they're winning more games than they're losing. Its he's doing as good a job managing this team. Now, he's done at any point in time. I agree because you're not you don't have the same Goto guys necessarily and think about this to Matt they don't even have a closer that they can go to four consecutive days. I mean like hater can do to in a row if he's pitched an inning. But I mean, I mean, the type that give you three or four or five straight games where they can come in and close one out for you. They don't have that person right now, they don't have that person to do an eighth inning. Like they did. But just imagine if they get even Germany Jefferson this point to to to the point where he can actually close, and I think it's getting close. You know, we saw Josh hater today. I think none of us really knew he was going to be bailable today. And and he was obviously for for the one inning. But you know yesterday you coulda used them. Right. You push junior Garam maybe to to the limits in the final eighth and ninth innings yesterday. But having a closer would be so much better. Obviously in that situation. A second guy you can go to for sure like that four one four seven nine nine one six twenty the mortgage talk text line. We'll get some phone calls in just a moment after this break on WTMJ get his behind the scenes notes every week, Tom. Hot record goes growers three sixty gene Miller moral morning. Eight fifteen sponsored by winegar compressor day, Droegkamp heating and air conditioning. Ed Bucko windows brewers play here tell you. There's nothing like meeting face to face, and there's nothing like zoom to make that happen zoom that you.

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