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Is a 53 and back to the roads, Traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers in New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Morning, man. A good morning to you. Charlie will start Route three south, bouncing a slow down near the Derby Street Lane drop in Hingham. And you've got more delays to deal with as well heading down and do approaching the sag. More bridge about a two mile delay Their three South approaching the sag more 25 east found about a mile back up at the born Braid. Chan slow on Cape on Route six. He's found a little pocket getting by 1 30 in sandwich again slow near 1 34 in Dennis. 20 for 95 or okay. Heading down to Rhode Island, the expressway headed North found we had reports of a crash coming in north bound in the area near just after Morrissey Boulevard around the Dorchester Yacht Club Muse from caution there downtown. No complaints coming into the city on the lower deck or there's a Cambridge And north of town on for 95. North found very slow with work singlets after 1 19 up towards Boston Road in Westford, Rob Hackle is traffic on the three Rob, Let's check the four day double D B Z Accurate. The forecast with Carl Bobinsky today will feature Funny of Sun. It'll be quite warm this afternoon highs between 85 90 in Boston in most Western suburbs. However, the features it'll be no higher than low eighties. Partly cloudy tonight Low 70 hot and humid tomorrow with a mixture of sun and clouds high about 94 AC you with a real field temperatures near 100 Will be in the upper eighties of the features Monday, heart and humor With Funny of Sunshine I 95 Tuesday there will be a couple of thunderstorms around still hot and humid high 92 94. Our Mackey weather meteorologist. Car Bobinsky doubly Visi Boston's news radio already up to 76 degrees this morning in situate Waltham checks in at 79 degrees. And in Middleton, 77 here in Boston Sunshine, some high clouds and we're its 78 degrees. At 8 55 on the ring. Central News line is Jordan Rich Hey, Welcome to the W B z New England weekend. I'm Jordan Rich. You know that song and all the other great hits by Peter Noone, lead singer of the legendary pup and.

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