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I don't know there's so much to choose from right so all the major networks are going to be covering it live we've already seen if you watch morning television you've seen people that code a copy and gayle king from cbs and nbc already there in and then they're going to be joined by more people later as you said their coverage is going to start at like four or five am we're going to see streaming you know people are going to have it online bbc america is going to cover it live if you want the british flavor but my favorite coverage is going to come from willful and molly shannon playing court and tisch seven thirty am on hbo they're going to play these fake commentators who are they they covered the rose parade to and so now you you'll get to see even start don acc parody coverage from welfare all and molly shannon if you don't wanna watch this serious stuff that's what i'm going to watch eric dagens npr tv critic thank you thank you house lawmakers today rejected an eight hundred sixty seven billion dollar farm bill that would have tightened work requirements on food stamp recipients and overhauled federal agriculture policy members of the conservative house freedom caucus derailed the vote by holding out for an agreement on immigration let's bring it allie vel she co host though sheehan rule on msnbc hi allie hey there so congress passes a farm bill roughly every five years typically with broad bipartisan support what happened this time well it's because it's a broad bill it gets broad bipartisan sport normally the problem here is that there are such divisions within the republican party and their about thirty republicans conservative republicans who wanted some assurances on how the immigration discussion was going to go they didn't get what they wanted so they voted against this bill to to kill it at the last minute well let's talk about one of the controversial provisions here this bill would have made a major changes to the supplemental nutrition.

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