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Beltway sometimes, and I also take the West Park toll road ktrh time saving traffic next on the 10. 17. I didn't like people. Toby wake, my father said the movie that wasn't good. Yeah, Control Who's in control of your life? Who's in control of whether you America where Master You don't wear a mask now, part of it is government. Right, and the governor yesterday tried to neuter Art Harris County. Judge. Lockdown, Lena by telling her that she can't control the mass anymore, and if she tries to it'll be $1000 fine. At the end of the day. Who's who's really in charge or whether you're wearing a mask or not, It's you Tucker Carlson says there are plenty of people still gonna be wearing them because they are scared to death. The science shows us very clearly that for young Americans, normal healthy people, the risk of dying from Corona is minuscule. For example, a typical 20 Two year old in New York has about a 0.6% chance out of a million of dying from this virus. Your odds of drowning in a bathtub or being hit by lightning are significantly higher than that, so it's a very low risk. That's good news. You think all of us would be happy to hear it. The Great Unmasking is finally upon us. But not everyone is happy about it suddenly, in neighborhoods littered with signs about be a lemon climate change. We have a new public health emergency on our hands. It's a mental health crisis. Amazingly, many Americans in these neighborhoods do not want to stop wearing masks. They want to continue to hide behind paper. Why there's no science behind this. It's a neurosis just like obsessive hand washing, but it appears to be spreading fast like its own fires. Well. We'll always have German focus, Won't we? And this has been one of the great nightmares ever for people who are germophobe and have anxiety. 7 20 time for traffic and weather together. Former House Speaker Dennis Bonding joins us in a moment first, though we're checking in with Skye Mike to see how that drive is progressing with not good on the West side here. I've got some kind of big pickup around Seeley on the West in their outbound, and that's gonna be around old Columbus Road, and we're trying to zoom in and find exactly why all these big slowdowns air happening. It's about 20 extra minutes. If you're heading for Columbus, and you know, I do traffic every 10 minutes. So we're coming right back with your update. There was parked told way. You've got some backups now, right around. Sign, not road and into Dairy Ashford. We've got some slowdowns as you make What's normally an autobahn coming in from like my God Canyon Gate. It's 17 minutes into the Southwest Freeway. I'm sky Mike. The Gulf Coast windows dot com 24 Hour traffic Center from our ktrh Top Tax defenders. 24 Weather Center Thunderstorms today tomorrow Friday. Been upper seventies. All three days. We do have a flash flood watch in effect until at least one o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Currently 65 your officials severe weather station news radio.

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