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To keep New Jersey safe, and we don't hesitate to put ourselves in harm's way to bring critical information to our neighbors, and unlike other media outlets were free local and available to everyone. But providing a free service to everyone is just the beginning. Who are we were New Jersey's broadcasters. Hi. This is Paul Martel, the president of the New Jersey Broadcasters Association. And every day of the year I remember TV and radio stations are there delivering the breaking news and emergency information you rely upon. IDing the music and shows that you love most New Jersey's broadcasters are a vital part of every community that we serve in the Garden State. Find out more and Gabe dot com and we are broadcasters dot com. So keep listing New Jersey where New Jersey's broadcasters and we're always on the air when you need us, this message sponsored by the New Jersey Broadcasters Association, and this station, the restaurant industry is the lifeblood of New York and sadly on the verge of collapse due to the pandemic restaurants are charitable and have been feeding hungry New Yorkers for months will unable to pay The rents, return the favor and help keep them going through the summer dine out order in purchase a gift certificate consistently throughout the month of August, make a conscious effort because losing more restaurants will devastate the local economy and forever change the face of New York. Visit one for all all for dot com. Is America in a new Cold War with China stealing our technology spying on us Now President Trump is finding back tonight at 6 p.m. Eastern Watch, Sean Spicer, Spicer and company Is out. The shocking answers about China Sea Spicer and Company on Newsmax TV, America's fastest growing cable news channel. Find Newsmax on direct TV dish Xfinity Optimum files, you verse Cox Spectrum wow, Armstrong or check your cable Guide and get Newsmax is free app on your smartphone and start watching today. When.

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