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The crisis. The crisis is biden created russell hot in a senior official ice notified staff of the rapid processing plan in an email on thursdays at a rivals by unaccompanied minors and families. This year are expected to be highest numbers observed in twenty years twenty not a crisis just a challenge and not even really a challenge. We know what to do here which is apparently release people into the interior dorey. Guys it is it is not actually it is not actually a crisis that requires them to do anything in fact it is a massive transformational change the immigration system. That is what we are actually watching. According to the washington post itself transformed family detention amounts to a wholesale reputation. Not only donald trump policy. But also barack obama's remember obama actually deported a lot of people it presents a significantly different vision of how to handle the fast changing character of mass migration at the southern border for decades single adults dominated the flows northward into the united states. The number of families and miners has increased substantially before the code pandemic migrant families unaccompanied. Minors were majority of those taken into custody at the southwest border. During the obama and trump administration families were released or deported but some were held in dormitory style facilities for weeks or months now. They're basically just going to release everybody so you wonder why there's a crisis it is because it has been created by the biden administer. Don't worry guys it's open biden. Open open borders open biden. That's all this is because binds moderate of course not only by moderate biden knows what's best for you see the way that opened biden works. Is that if you declared that. Something is not a crisis. It's not a crisis and if you're clair's that something is a crisis then requires instant action this moment in accordance with his greatest wishes when we have thousands of people just entering the united states. Willy nilly that's not a crisis so we should just release them into the interior if however we have a covid pandemic that is clearly on the wane if we have vaccines that are being put into arms the rate of two million day it all of that case load in the united states is now at lowes. We've not seen for months and has been dropping precipitously if all of that. That's still a crisis because it's a useful crisis mistake for democrats. The only question about a situation and whether it is crisis or not is whether it is useful to their political agenda and right now covert is useful to the political agenda by the way not justified administration but useful to members of the media in one of the more shocking admissions. Recently the ceo of warnermedia. Which is the parent company of cnn. A person named jason killer who it a virtual tech conference on thursday and he actually said he actually said out loud that the pandemic is a great thing for the news cycle. Which by the way is the same remark that you remember jeff zucker originally made about donald trump in two thousand sixteen that he great for the news cycles they give them a billion dollars free media coverage made him president because the media love covid. So they're not going to let it go here. Is jason killer saying exactly this essentially if you take a look at the the ratings and performance. it's going well And i think it's going well because a the team at cnn is doing a fantastic job and be it. Turns out that the pandemic and the way that we can help inform and contextualize than pandemic It turns out it's really good for ratings enza. And then later he came news like i wish i could be more thoughtful about my communication. But here's the thing we all know. We all know that the media have a very large stake in the continuation of crisis pandemic coverage. They do because they don't wanna cover biden as a crisis they don't wanna cover the biden administration is doing anything radical right. They don't want people to know about that. What they do want is to mirror the priorities of the democratic party and the priorities the democratic party right now are to treat. Immigration is a non crisis and to treat covid as a massive crisis. Despite the fact that was a crisis even three months ago is not a crisis now okay. Colbert is no longer a crisis in the united states our. Icu beds are not being threatened. The people are not getting this at the same rate. We are reaching her immunity justice marty mccarey of just canes university suggested but again crisis is an opportunity. So what does that mean for. The biden administration for the biden administration. What that means is that anybody who attempts to end the crisis. He's a bad guy which is why the other day you heard. Joe biden stumble out there and suggest between bites of oatmeal that the that those who wanted to reopen states and get rid of mask mandates were neanderthals resumes. Neanderthal thinking is neanderthal thinking. Yes freedoms neanderthal thinking you in your ability to choose what to do individual. That's neanderthal thinking you the galaxy brains out. They're the ones who have been saying for months and months and months that lockdowns where the only shirt policy and the ones you say right now. That schools cannot reopen those galaxy brains. They should rule. But you the individual deciding how you wish to live your life. What risky you wish to undergo you your neanderthal. Babylon had a great headline about this..

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