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It here but goodyear to that tourney he's an yet today has a one yeah because there's because ammon bundy i think but was and then and there's but they're right and we're not allowed and the yeah there were bro man back into custody and they're a turmoil less than and then got a case older the older situation okay the money ranch yet yeah and their defense attorney was saying you don't have the authority to to cage these men because you're you're acting on behalf of an that's but a different jurisdiction i think was was his point and an acl duo we want to yeah ten yeah but it also i hope well and then bring up the water point but and then the pointer going up there and expect it i don't know we'll see how it goes go ahead pick it it i got man well water like with water it but i think you know it like wonders but we're like anderson also what are you something when you can hear into and pursuit of into yes it there and that it's been for about a lot here in you're going to tell me i to say that right it up right right it's not that the government the bears are right in the government out for lindor that's it it was a fight it again you don't have the right could trade or you don't have the right there previewed or eight you don't have the right to think and that's why right it and and take it when i claiming you know that well in drinking we would claim that you don't have the right to watch her and there's a distinction there because you have the right to private property i'm certainly not the dispute that and you can buy water so there for you should be able to do it you know i know that i am not good enough ceiling mcintyre private property like this anyone that water areas i know and they can anyone welker understand that durant because i'm it so i was i needed to hit that but also i want to say it is a i mean look in friday or saturday because i went on mad ants and cock i wasn't there but what i wasn't i'm it was.

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