Nick Timothy, Manama, Joey Corbyn discussed on FT Politics - The aftermath of the Manchester terror attack


Is your choice but it certainly went over well even people he wouldn't think we're fan of such thing so for example round renationalization might be quite a good idea in the strangest quarters i have heard this said the other thing was that they were an up against a conservative manifesto which was much more an instruction to the population to take the medicine so you had a very unappealing conservative manifesto and a very promised the earth labour manifesto and then the social care so cool dementia tax became the kind of focus fool the unattractiveness of that whole conservative program the second problem the conservative party had had it is not the campaign they were spice reflecting they were supposed to be fighting a lynton crosby playbook campaign he knows how to win elections you'll supposed to be as dull as possible have one slogan one strong leader and ball the electorate until polling day with your singular approach the problem for to resume as she's also got powerful characters around her principally nick timothy had policy chief who wanted a manifesto that was ambitious and a radical programme ford a may government could do the two things do not gel you cannot have a boring linton crosby style formula and a bunch of incredibly controversial eat polka making measures to transform the nation most of which sound difficult dangerous if they might hit you in your pocket to the voters now before we get too carried away with this manama's joey corbyn's on outside down and she thought to still key indicators vis suggest the trees me is still going to triumph in some form warm is her personal leadership gratings and the second is trust on the economy and this was the classic indicated f i'm right and say i don't think anybody has ever won an election wiping behind on both of those and joe mccolgan they've all still faith far behind but mr corbett's ratings have improved but he still way behind theresa may's all right.

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