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I'm Richard cancer partition to the end the house impeachment of president trump the articles charging he abused his power and instructed Congress Republicans are adamant that the president did nothing wrong here and they were eager to launch a very fierce defense all Democrats are you the exact opposite they say they have simply no choice but to impeach the president said he's put his own political interests above those of this country ABC's merry Bruce on Capitol Hill all of this apparently not moving the meter amongst the citizenry within weeks and weeks of impeachment proceedings some pretty dramatic moments arguments on both sides witness testimony at the end of it nothing changed in terms of public opinion a public opinion on impeaching removing the president from office was virtually the same before it started as it is now ABC's Jonathan Karl Attorney General William Barr went to Detroit to announce operation relentless pursuit it will provide federal law enforcement assets to bolster local police in Detroit Cleveland Baltimore Milwaukee Kansas city and Albuquerque very important to us is whether we had local partners that were effective and working well with Harker joint task forces and so he says the police forces sheriffs and as well as the district attorney thirteen members of a street gang in the central Illinois were convicted in a racketeering case that included murders drug trafficking and arsons worried about outbursts in the courtroom U. S. district judge James shattered ordered the verdicts against each of the thirteen members of the bomb squad street gang to be read with only one defended in the court room at a time the guilty verdicts coming after seven weeks of testimony in three days of deliberations witnesses explaining how the Peoria based game ordered members to shoot rivals on site and would then turn to social media to brag about it ABC's Ryan borough each facing up to twenty years in.

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