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That's a clipper the netflix series. Black mirror that particular episode is ark angel about an overzealous parent who suffers the unintended consequences of some really cool technology to make her daughter's life better and more safe. Of course i could have picked just about any episode of black mirror to highlight the dystopia nineteen eighty four orwellian future that so many are predicting will come with technology advances but what is different about this show and flip up super excited to bring you about this show is. We're going to talk to someone. Quantum doug dr quantum doug who really has the chops phd in quantum computing over twenty years experience as a senior member of the faculty staff of texas instruments. And doug can take us not just from the technology but he can bridges to extended consciousness and the metaphysical spiritual aspect of this. It's a deep dive. So i have a lot of clips. I wanna play for you to try and motivate you to hang in there just like i head to. Yeah it is. I gotta michael scott this little explain it to me like five years old part. That people can't understand about entanglement is that you can't have entanglement much four dimensions but every bit has its own for dimensions private dimensions because otherwise they'd interact so that means that there's a gazillion dimensions out there and we can show that with shore's algorithm in that the number of dimensions that you haven't quantum computing is to to the power of q or q is number. Cubits if you have to the three hundred cubans you have three hundred cubits which would allow you to break using algorithm every encryption in any internet in the world. it's just like gravity works independent of whether you believe in it or not right and most people don't realize relativity is also doing its thing independent whether you believe it or not but guess. What if you didn't believe in it. None of our. Gps would work all the satellites up in space. Have to synchronize the clocks with respect relatively or none of gps woodwork. It's proto physics not metaphysics. it's physics. It's imagine if the quantum states quantum stuff was marked as black magic and nobody did anything about our society right now would be no no lasers. No no computers no transistors. Nothing no nothing. Love it but doug. This is where we part ways. Who thinks google is interested in helping fucking society evidence go up dead fucking serious. Look disco where we explore contracts. You'll science and spirituality leading researchers thinkers and their critics..

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