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Devito the taking your own. What's up on T.? We just put him on an apple box. He's regular in this movie. Yeah Car Her who who. Else Forest whittaker that could be like Zuri Yes zuri could be Kevin in James Great Perfect Do you guys remember all these out comics. Right yeah I mean I. I just liked that movie very very good move. I don't remember anyone's name in any movie or anybody. His full name celebrity wise except for Timothy Shalmi Timothy Hammett Timothy Shalam. Who would you cast as What's the what's the one white dude's name Martin? Freeman me Martin Freeman. What is his But his his character. Forget the guy's name all the time. It's just like good wake like yeah so we need somebody like funny. You need a good black guy so if you had to cast someone is a good black guy. Who would you cast chucky ducky quack quack? Checky now the person Chucky ducky now it's been it's been a while since we've seen him could be one of those kind of Tarantino Keno asks like just like Oh yeah great all right so we. I mean. We're working with the budget here. We have to understand of course course of court see. You're going to get heather locklear here. Just blow out your whole budget on Heather locklear And Danny Devito. Yeah and then and then just go straight to Shuki Duck. I Dunno it is asking prices. So you know. We'll see how the cards fall. When we're we're doing the budgeting but maybe you could get Bill Cosby or something new bill. Koch's he'd be like super cheap right now. Yeah Yeah he could play To Chaka. Oh yeah it'd be like Ghost Dad too. Yeah I guess he already did go stat one. Yeah I'm I'm GonNa say that's the one that's the one role we don't reverse cast. Oh that's the only one. Yeah Betsy he is still to Chaka. When I'm just I'M GONNA say he's? He's going to be the only African playing an African roll right right right. We're winning shows taking so when he shows up but the spirit plane he's going to be very confused. Yeah and that's something we just bring a green screen into the prison. Set it up and write ray of bang booms meal. Well now turns out when you die. You're black we're just taking him. He's GonNa be a franchise player. We're GONNA put out a bunch of cosby movies. We're releasing all plays sucks companies really that we're not trying to make art. We're trying to provide counter argument for you. Know these these assholes that are like other. You know there can't be a you know. Miles Morales is going to be Peter Parker right and to end in order to counteract that You just re re jumpstarting bill cosby's career again that's your okay Works for jeep. So I gotta say I'm out I think I'm out okay. And what do you think and you in okay. Yeah aren't GonNa make a Lotta money from this. You're probably right you're probably you're okay All of these over the top streaming sites. They're paying for the licensing so you know they just one content two right right right of course of course we will see these familiar if you had to pick a streaming platforms. Where would you go probably crunchy roll so down it actually when my gravity contact info before slee? Yeah I'll let me give you my card okay. So okay so your plan is your plan to solve races of mind you is to restart bill. Bill Cosby's career with an anime remake of fat Albert and the Kospi kits. Were going to or I am not saying look cruncher will must have puts out enemy. We're just GONNA get we're GONNA do Flash. It's GonNa look like homeowner it's but it's animated. Yeah that's intimate. Okay technically Scher. You know stitch just the Japanese worker animation fair enough. Yeah so yeah. We'll we'll do a fat Albert. Yeah yeah okay honestly really interesting Take on the whole subject work no just a resounding resounding no okay but I feel like I'm not totally off the table yet is there are any character that may be growing up like this sucks like I don't think this character represents me and never thought like that when I was little I was like. TV is a great but what about like growing up. Like you know you're now you're an adult and you look back and say Oh God that character is just to Just broad stroke On all like all the Latin maids inca lot of maids. Yeah but then it's also so funny like I'm like fuck but I remember reading an article about this woman who was like. She can't get any role except for Latin mayoral. Now like that sucks. But also that's fucking funny is hilarious. So we'll put out at Spanish language movies for the made as white. Wow Okay and then it's late and everyone else Giora Seniora and like like the they're just like would learn learn Spanish They're going to be bad. Yeah that sounds great. Yeah yeah they're like deliberately bad. I think they're just deliberately shoddy okay. I'm not casting for the best right. You're discussing for sheep she predominant Mohmed. Okay all right. So to sum it up and may remake That Albert and the Cosby kids streaming streaming now reggie role As part of my upcoming podcasts Amin America on eventual with an all white cast. Of course all the characters were white. But they're all the characters are white. Smoke Bill Okay yes so I yeah I gotta say I'm out okay. Laurel I wou if you had to invest anything idea what would you say invest. Yeah just ending. I think it's an amazing idea and I will give all my money to link you a real American American dollars. Yeah all of my American and my pistols and me Besiktas. Wow well look sounds like you got yourself begrudgingly deal I did it. Yeah do do you feel good about what you've done I do. I'm so solved it. Well this has been the last ever episode of Dark Tank. podcast cast with your guests Laurel Ira Ramirez and Tom and Brett Davis well. This is the first one. We're putting out Where can everybody find you on the Internet guys? I'm I'm at pile of tears and then at pile of tears underscore art sealer show. It's really great. If you're in Minneapolis. Minneapolis sear show in Minneapolis. And then I I'm at Brett Davis. Rip Is that on twitter instagram. That's across the board breath. Dave is dying or Ip Fraud Platform. Yeah Elia proud of you keeping it since brand system okay well. I'm pro at professor on everything. instagram twitter all that stuff Got My podcast out. Crunchy roll Anime in America ooh and And a nice little Cosby kids remake income. ANCHO And I'll be at the ABI. It laughs comedy club in Seattle September. Sixty seven But this is the funniest thing that I'm ever GonNa do so I guess don't even worry about that Thank you guys has. 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