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Dj's first of all you're used to just spin records. Now that's grown into your are a songwriters producers you promote showed you created adana so you have some autonomy. Have some authority any you. You have created a community days And i'm not saying his all black but is so we have some place. Be your early days especially since a somebody like me opportunities anc through theater so racist but what they try to get here to do and you want to do was a crossover but if you do that your community they try to convince you don't belong here you don't belong out. It was too late. Thank god for that convinced of that. So then we try to get a manager and we couldn't do it then. We sat oklahoma. Why we tried as you're done theory on tv done this. Got somebody from each of those areas and set out a what kind of music. We're going to do so like i said My then husband is gifted a business. Nobody taught him business. You learned it just like many of us offensive people get a chance to go get it get taught it then you learn some kind of way learning. You have to learn how things go created a space for yourself and call it in between the baron on the foundation of american music. You doesn't hold a right now. Don't be humble about his true. There's one question. I missed before we skip to kashif. I always wanted to know this so you worked with another legendary producer. Peter people belotti. Yeah i guess. Well i'd i'd like to know at least was the decision in getting him. P people out did a lot of music between him and giorgio moroder like those guys were like talion electric. Has i mean what we what we now know is like electronic music. Those guys were pushkin german producers. So sort in line of what crap work was doing all that stuff. What was it like working with him. That was the decision to sort of. Go into sort of like a futuristic dance mode or like what was it like working with him yes because we were trying to say aren't and a again opposite. My husband went out and found the song writers and producers who were relevant for the time and seeing red things were going and could we fit into it on decided they would work with inside code..

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