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Name we will leave it on that note in gentlemen in much other serious news. I want to quickly update YOU NASCAR driver. Ryan Newman is in serious condition. After a frightening crash during the final lap of Monday's Daytona five hundred Nascar said that his injuries are not life-threatening. Crews rush to remove the forty two year. Old Newman from the car. He was taken to Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach. And we just want to say our thoughts are with him and his family. Judge someone not by what they say by what they do. We're a nation of doers. What's Mike Bloomberg about doing things? A middle class kid worked his way through college and Entrepreneur Bloomberg built a global news and information business from scratch mayor of a diverse progressive city. Mike Bloomberg rebuilt after nine eleven. Creating nearly five hundred thousand jobs improving healthcare and public schools. Now he's running for President and Mike's the change. We need from chaos to steady leadership from lies to someone who believes in facts and data from divisiveness to someone who builds teams nurtures good ideas and hold himself accountable for results. Mike Bloomberg knows how to lead to build to deliver to do. He'll win in unite this country. Mike will get things done. I'm Mike Bloomberg candidate for president. And I approve this message because we need to deliver on the promise of the American Dream. Paid for by Mike Bloomberg. Twenty twenty on the heels of team. Lebron winning the all-star game and Kawhi Leonard. Earning the all star. Mvp All the festivities are behind us and now the real hell begins the push for the playoffs where we know all eyes will be on the city of angels. The Lakers are I in the West. At Forty One and twelve. The Clippers are third at thirty seven and eighteen. Let's take a closer look at the two men vying for the title King of La Cou. Why outscoring Lebron this season. James has shifted his focus to more of a point guard role leading the League in assists per game. Availability has been a big subject. Is Lebron missed? Just two games this season to CO wise thirteen. Max Kellerman. You're up. I Will Lebron have a bigger impact than Kawhi down the stretch. No of course not look down your talk talk about the rest of this season. Okay the rest of this season. Include the playoffs. We're both these teams are heading. We're both these men are heading the play offs. Let's talk about leverage is a regular season game in Cleveland or a home game against some bottom feeding western conference team. That game that Lebron is available for him and may help his team win. Is that the same thing as a playoff game or a second round playoff game or a conference finals. Game World Finals game because Leonard is likely to play quite Leonard and Lebron James will certainly be there. As long as they're healthy they're teams will be there. The question is what do they do once? They're there in other words when they games really can't well all the games count. No they'll here's a regular season game that counts. You have the kind of team. It's young whatever you know. They really need home court. If there's a regular season game that may count. If you win it will help you for home court advantage in the first or second round of the place. That's a high leverage game. I don't know how many more of those in the regular season Lebron will play. I play a lot in the postseason in the playoffs. So then you ask yourself. How did these guys perform under pressure? Not In the Steven A. Lebron at his best was better than we'll ever be likely not in the future. So that right now when Kawais in his prime he's the reigning and defending finals. Mvp He's a two-time finals MVP. He this year has played in three high profile games. Opening Day Against Lebron James Smoked of and his team. One Christmas against Lebron jeans smoked them in his team and the All Star game where he won. Mvp In each instance. He was the best player on the floor. That will continue as it did all last playoffs. All last season during the playoffs is always the best guy on the floor. He's going to be the best guy on the floor all this year during the playoffs when the Games matter much much more for the rest of the way. We'll have a bigger impact. You're wrong because you're looking at it wrong. You're thinking about the to play in their requisite skill sets and what you think. Why brings to the table at this stage point in his career? You're looking at them as individuals you're not looking at their teams. The fact of the matter is the other day would lou. Williams came off the bench and dropped thirty five Montrose. Herro came off the bench and dropped twenty. Four Marcus. Morris has been acquired by them and he's been inserted into the mix. Paul George Goes Down with a hamstring injury. But he's expected to be back so collectively speaking Kawhi Leonard may not be asked to do all those things that he's fully capable of doing in order for the clippers to be successful. Meanwhile everything is riding on the shoulders of Lebron James for the Los Angeles Lakers if Lebron James. Does it bring his a game? The Lakers ain't going to the finals. It's that simple. They need him. Desperately other than Anthony Davis who do you have? Definitively that Yuki rely upon. We just that he over a week ago and lamented the fact that because they didn't acquire derrick rose before the free trading deadline because they didn't acquire somebody like Dennis. Rader they have now been left to depend on. Rajon Rondo to come into the game when Lebron James is out so they can continue to run their offense with fluidity. That's what you need. You're hoping that Danny Green shows up and doesn't appear moving forward to have lost a step. You can take his call. Well Pope what is he going to give me power? What will again Lakers locked into one? Seat then Lebron take. You can take his foot off the pedal. But what I'm saying is as it pertains to this question. Will Lebron have a big Dinka Wa? I think he will because he has to. There's no you. Don't you can literally get away with a wildland being above average. And that is and you're fine clippers candid. I'm talking about the regular season. I'm talking about moving forward for the rest of the season before the playoffs begin. You literally need abroad. James to be Lebron James. Moving forward you have to. You have no choice. I disagree with that. The Lakers have a better record They've been excellent against good teams. Have been excellent or you just have been excellent and meantime. Paul George is dealing with nagging injuries. Like again the same leg in fact. I think the clippers need but stephen you once told me something Jordan said as it relates to a game something that Michael Jordan said about in a game and you just mentioned that Lebron if he doesn't bring his a game what was that the Jordan said Jordan was in the elevator and Scottie. Pippen was clap and talking about all right all right Gaza point. Let's go bring you bring your egg when you're egging joining like a game. How Bring Game? How about that does bring a game? That's a great advocate games. All the broad the Lakers without Lebron. It's hard for them to bring a game. That is true and the clippers are more capable of bringing a game without Kawhi. But you're sort of penalizing Kawai for being on a deeper team. In fact Lebron has a crime partner in ad where the reason that team is as successful as they are and Lebron's playing out of his mind no doubt about it. They've to top five players. You almost it's almost impossible to have to is as good as Lebron and eight team and not be Juggernaut so yeah look Ron has to do his point. No doubt about it. If we're talking about the entire rest of the way why gives you as a premium is? You're GonNa win a championship because you have him. That's the difference when the Games meaning the most. He's consistently the best player on the floor. Tried out the Greek Freak Kohaku this semester on the four. Look at this consistency from. I love Kawhi Leonard but bottom line is last. Year was the year that he did it with all this consistency. You Act like a white linen has been winning three four five championships. He's been in the finals every year. He's done XYZ. That's not the case Kawhi Leonard Championship when he was not even a secondary option. He was a defensive. Was it no doubt about it so he was a finals. Mvp because of his defensive prowess years ago against Miami but then came back a year. Two years later and Kevin Durant. Okay see smoked. He showed.

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