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Senator Lindsey Graham, Cohen, Congress discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Senator Lindsey Graham to stay has tweeted his reaction to the check. Visual aid Cohen brought a visual, Ed. That was a canceled. Check that Trump wrote him for thirty five thousand dollars in Cohen is saying that this check was one of many checks during the year to reimburse him for paying off porn stars. And other things and Lindsey Graham nasty said, you know. If you're trying to hide a crime, you're probably don't write a check unless you're jussie smollet in which case, you do write a check to the muggers. But normally if you're trying to hide a crime, you don't write a check. Makes sense to me Hillsdale College. My friends likes to inform all Americans how our nation was designed how it was created. How it was founded because that information helps people to understand and appreciate. The true uniqueness of this country. The freedoms that we all enjoy and hillsdale does this by creating different video series of animal online free to watch the latest series focuses on congress its purpose. How it was put together in the Senate was not elected. I it was appointed. Some great history on congress. How it was designed how it was originally setup. And how it's changed over the years when its original purpose was things that you may never have been taught. And if you were you may have forgotten hillsdale's professors love teaching. They love teaching. They love evidence that people. Their students are learning makes the presentation passionate, the latest course, these are free online courses life. You do a sign up and take them on demand. Whatever you want them congress. How it worked and why it doesn't is the name of.

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