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Biden walks off down the road and into the grass he crouches into a deep knee bed. Impressive for a seventy eight year old. As a little boy carrying a tiny american flag comes toward him. He embraces the child as jill lingers on the mcadam behind him in black and white stilettos looking. Every inch of goddess is sixty nine. It's moments like this with biden's hugging children that bring home. Just how incomprehensively irregular out of place our previous president and first lady really were. I talked to jill biden on the phone a few times once at their beach house delaware the grandkids swirling around eating cheese steak hoagies when someone handed me cellphone. Joe wants to talk to you. But i had never met him in person on the flight. Back to dc. I am fetch from the back of af one brought to somewhere in the middle of the plane and deposited in a conference room in the sky. All burl walnut plush carpeting in dim table lamps. When the president and first lady up here i tell him that i think i've met every person in his family over the past thirteen years god. It doesn't seem that long. He says you have says jill. You met mom and vowel biden's mother and sister all the kids i ask if he'd given any thought in all these years to what kind of first lady chill would be. We never talked about this. So i'm probably going to get you in trouble. The president says jill before insisting that he never wanted to live in the white house. It was part of his reluctance to run for the office. In the first place he was hail to the chief. And all that stuff. When i was young senator. But i never had a desire for that piece of it. He has said he thinks the obamas kind of had a similar view. There's no real upside. Living physically in the white house is the greatest honor in the world. But there's no privacy and the pomp and circumstance part is not something we've ever gone out of our way to look for but trump vanquished his reluctance. I think the same thing with sinking in with you. He says chill about the state of the country he turns to me. Jill said you gotta run because there's so much at stake so this was the first time i ran without thinking of any of the accoutrements of you know i could have air force one or i could have. I think part of that just got knocked out by being vice president. And i realized that i probably whether i'm right or not knew more about the issues that most people because i've been around so long. Jill was hesitant to take on the role of the wife of the united states center. He says even as she would campaign by his side in the senate years but it was clear to me that she knew exactly what she would do if she were first lady and so she came in. I think knowing the experience of being vice president knowing the power of the presidency knowing that she could change things he remembers the first time she spoke in front of a truly big crowd. And i was like. That's my girl so proud she would just go do it. And she got better and better than she started saying. Joe you gotta put a little more emotion into what you're doing. I ask if coming president. First lady have -ffected their marriage yet. Has he says. Almost pained expression crosses his face. I miss her. I'm really proud of her. But it's not like we can just go off like we used to. When we were living in delaware and married once a month we just go up to a local bed and breakfast by ourselves to make sure we had a romantic time. Just get away and hang out with each other. You might need to schedule that in job but all kidding aside. That's part of the problem you can't. I'm not complaining. It's part of the deal but this life prevents it. He looks until it's just harder. Don't you think that's right. Oh yeah she says and the other thing is she's been traveling all over. The country says biden and doing major events for me and for the country and find out that. I'm working on a hell of an important speech and i'm distracted and then i may not be working on one and i want to go and hang out with her and she's working on an important speech or grading papers. We have to figure out a way. And i mean this sincerely to be able to steal time for one another. I think that's the deal. The next day. I'm sitting in the jackie kennedy garden with jill like its counterpart the rose garden which is on the other side of the south portico. Just outside the west wing. This one was redesigned in the sixties by bunny mellon in tinkered with over the years but remains fundamentally the same ridiculously beautiful and because his early may there are enormous. Perfect blooms everywhere. You turn the smell intoxicating. The biden's are gardeners. Joe wants planted a rose garden for jill at the house in wilmington for birthday and djilas little cutting garden here at the white house. So that if i go to visit somebody i can make them a bouquet. The flowers here. I mean i'm out here every morning at six with the dogs. She says to they run around. Yeah i throw the ball. They get water. She insists we take a stroll over to look at the roses. They just popped this week. Everyone got so bent. Out of shape over malania redoing. The rose garden think she made it better say. Apparently she put these walkways. Are these like some of the most beautiful roses you've ever seen suddenly a few secret service guys and.

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