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So coming up. I hear chris a a name that i really really like. That was not really talked about much leading into the season and it started to pick up some steam. And i think now people are really starting to understand his impact zaven collins from tulsa and i would consider him to be like a poor man's version of mike. Parsons not the same player. But he's a really big linebacker. I think he's listed at to sixty. He provides value in going against offensive linemen as blitzer and he would be a bigger body that you could probably use a little bit more than inside. He's not gonna play. That will back her role but he's big. He's athletic and if if there was a combine. I can tell you right now. Zaven collins would definitely benefit from it. Because he's a very explosive athlete despite being to sixty. I think you're definitely right about him. Going to be a riser over this draft process. You know Such as it will be draft network. Actually has him listed nineteenth overall on their big board at the moment. So it's possible. We could see him. Go before nick bolton he might not even sniff the second round but he is another one if he happens to be there if he happens to fall to the giants. That's when the conversation starts to get really interesting it. The giants do like size especially in their defenders at something. Dave gettleman has been consistent about four forever. Really the they absolutely believe that big people beat small people and when you can combine yet that kind of top level athleticism with a guy who has six four to sixty and the giants need for somebody to be able to maybe lineup on the edge. More often than not go downhill go against offensive linemen tight end provide. That pass rush provide the value in the run game yet. That is going to be a very interesting conversation if he even makes it that far and then adding into some of these other names that that really really like chaz sarah from unc djibril cox from lsu. Those are both interesting games because they're athletic. Not small linebackers but a little bit leaner chess out former quarterback at unc. They moved him to linebacker and he has been a huge impact player for their defense trebilcock. Transferring from north dakota state heads to lsu really solidified the fact that he's going to probably be around too early day three pick both athletic both leaner. I think they would probably fit more of what we're talking about with trying to get a quick athletic weakside linebacker and you could also throw in their conor mcgregor from michigan. There's just a fun group of players. That kind of fit that weakside conversation barrett browning maybe not as as a will backer from ohio state had a really really good senior bowl game downhill create against the run. There's some pretty fun names. Though when you get to this day to day three range that could be on the board for the giants. Those three guys Chester at your role cox barron browning. I thought they all had great weeks at the senior bowl. I was a little disappointed to see rat pulled out of the final day of practices and knock it to play in the game. I was really looking forward to him because he he is fun and that quarterback to linebacker career path. That that just intrigues. The hell out of me. And i really like his feet. He's got really good quick fi like you said he's a little leaner but that doesn't really impact his game. Deborah cox another guy you know really really athletic makes plays in three dimensions in space coming downhill an. I kind of look at browning as another kind of poor. Man's parsons because when i watched him on tape at ohio state did see him lineup. At edge i did see him a blitz from the interior. And he's very effective. He's got really good bendon his lower body. He's got a really good burst so he he provides some some value there and he can cause some real problems for offense lineman and i do believe he has the athleticism in range to be able to be a space player now maybe not like Or parsons or absolutely nothing like jok. But i think he's going to be a very interesting guys well and speaking of Who sequoia i do kind of want to take a look at thomson nostril dean just as a potential safety linebacker hybrid but coming from the other direction as a safety six four to fifteen he could easily be up to twenty five. That might happen naturally anyway in an nfl. Strength and conditioning program he does have that coverage ability. He does have that ability to play a true safety role but with that size he can play in the box. He can be an impact player covering tight ends. Running backs Maybe you send him into the backfield. And i think that's something teams should should consider just like a comeback again. Jeremy chinn very similar frame and very similar player. Yeah yeah and. I think that is a an interesting discussion to have. Because jeremy chinn was projected as a safety and then used a little bit as an outside linebacker so that is definitely in play and we co covered the sealer dean on the last show. We will a little bit more in depth. So if you want to hear that conversation definitely go. Check that out last player that it just kinda briefly touch on dylan moses and i think some people are like oh. Why isn't dylan moses. In the first conversation because he was before the season he was last year but this year for me and he was playing. According to 'em i just felt like he was a step slow and it came to processing. I don't really like dylan. Moses as much some of these other guys just because i. I don't see the the processing capability. I i think that he's not a good reactor and when you're playing middle linebacker you need to think quick. You are so close to the football. You're not on the line of scrimmage you need to be the guy that's getting to the ball first. So i'm not as high as on moses. If he happens to slide. Take a chance if there's not a linebacker already gone and see what you can get from him. But as a former five star recruit he has the traits. I'm just not all there with what's going on inside the helmet because of some of those deficiencies when it comes to analysing things front of him. Yeah and if you kind of look a bit disappointing in the alabama defense. That should raise some red flags about your transition to the nfl because Alabama always has a talent advantage over pretty much anyone they are going to play against maybe ohio state or clemson or lsu. But barring those schools your teammates are going to be better than pretty much. Anybody you're going to be going up against so if you kind of don't are able to step up in distinguish yourself against competition in that situation. You know what exactly are you going to look like when the other guys are at least as good as your guys and wrapping up our conversation here with some day. Three players just a couple. Because there's we could go into full depth here and not gonna go as crazy as the safety class just because a lot of the big names. Were on that day three list but monte rice from georgia k. j. brit from auburn who i really thought had another guy who really good senior bowl game and a decent week. You had that tipped pass. He also made a lot of really good tackles in. The run game really was surprised by his performance. And just as general you know motor that he showed in the grant steward who you really wanted to talk about here. Chris busting his ass on special teams. I think he almost had a blocked punt because he was flying upfield. He's not gonna come into the giants group and become a starter and a huge impact player day one but if he's around on on day three heck i'd take him he's going to give you a really hard time on special teams absolutely. We do kind of have to talk about special teams on this show. That's kind of our. I don't wanna say gimmick but it. That's an area. We we like to pay attention to and give credit when it deserves it and grant stewart. He is fun to watch out. He flashed i thought during the week of practice is never quite enough for us to really specifically talking about because there were other guys who flashed more often or flash brighter but he was a guy i constantly noticed in drills i thought he had some pretty good movement skills he definitely gives great effort every single rep every single time but in that game he was easy to follow because of the Like kind of ginger troy palmolive malo out there. And you know you talk about special teams. He did bust his ass. Every single special teams play and he actually had to almost blocked punts. And yeah. That is a game in which blocking punts is supposed to be illegal but he still went out there put in the effort. He came really close to doing it..

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