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Along with a ballot initiative as well doug cope wbz newsradio 1030 wbz news time 548 according to an iranian lawmaker to more protesters are dead and others are wounded after a demonstration yesterday over the government's handling of the economy protests began thursday and of expanded to several city sense with two other protesters killed earlier in the weekend senator lindsey graham says the protests in iran show the nuclear deal is not working the people are not getting the benefit of sanctions relief they're more upset with their oppressors than ever the money from santion relief has gone into rebuilding the iranian military in there's destablizing the midday iranian authorities say hundreds of arrests have been made an investigation is underway in costa rica this morning to determine the cause of plane crash that killed ten american tourists and to costa rican pilots cbs's hennegau dobai has details of the fatal koraj hardly plane went down just moments after takeoff yesterday from kuntae high in the northwest part of the country it was headed to the capital of san jose and crashed in a mountainous area killing everyone on board officials say strong winds earlier in the day forced the pilots to alter their territory a family from new york city said five of the dead americans were relatives on vacation they are identified as a couple and their three sons and former costa rican president laura chinchilla confirming on twitter that the pilot of the plane was her cousin wbz news time 541 lattes a sports to talk about let's get right to it we say good morning and happy new year went to going to charlie burge around in the a stick it com sports studio happy new year to you as well the patriots closed out the regular season portion of their scheduled twenty six two six win over the jets yesterday in foxborough with the patriots very thin at running back dion lewis had a lot of work 26 carries ninety three yards in a score six catches for forty yards a second touchdown multimonth on account of your day and i've got a climate pays for the team.

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