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So what we've dime this ashes ideas? Very funny. I this idea so long ago, I've been waiting for this moment, some people wait a lifetime for a moment. Like this Kelly Clarkson? Yeah. This was so many months. I was like oh my gosh. Let's do awards for our guests. Some will like these awards. Some may not like awards. We we've had some interesting guests on the show. Right. Some real characters. Yeah. So we made a list of senior superlatives, and we're gonna handle some wards. I hope you like your awards. Yeah. You're welcome guys that you probably don't even listening. Right. We start with. I don't know Christ cloud. Yeah. I'd like to hand out this one. Okay. Go one of our class clown. So just for Diculeng person. Yeah. Just so ridiculous. This one we're going to give to one of our I guess, he's the I guess I ever really had a crush on who you're really saying. Yeah. I had such a crush on. Okay. I got to know better. Now, we're really good Plutonic. Right. So class clown award goes to Roz jury and aka Brogan, dick Roz guy who broke his dick. I just actually Beatty are what I wanna talk to hash tag Beatty are. So he he's just so were most ridiculous person. He is fun. And we were we were saying this is no offense to him. He's hilarious. But class clown is like, it's not necessarily the funniest person. I guess it. It's the guy that a little noise die so ridiculous. Ridiculous person. Yeah. But he just makes me like he's the class clown. It's always like a guy. That's like playing like feel like you are live show. Seattle seahawks. Beanie right. Yeah. Our to our live show right down. You're gonna gown you're gonna and he was going to be any. But he's he makes me laugh every day. He's hysterical. Yes. So he's the class clown. Okay. Best couple. So let's explain this. We're trying to figure I was like, obviously, it's us, right? But. We met like best guest in a couple. Yes. That we talked about their relationship, and we know their relationship from whatever the best couple. We decided is Heather McMahon and her talion stallion boyfriend who sends her pictures with his firemen hat on construction his hard hat. Yes. We just love their relationship that episode was funny because we were like tell us tips for long distance. I don't know just like love your partners. They have this amazing eight year long most of the time long distance relationship. They really love each other. And I yeah, I mean, we've talked we've talked playing their relation with. But we're giving them the best couple award. Just so fun. Heather, and Jeff congratulations had other relations. Okay. Next up. Actually, you're gonna hand this out because I'm gonna hand. Oh, good. I do the power females 'best-dressed, Doug, Katie straight. Oh, I mean, there is no competition competence runner up for this Katie strain, the twelve or style and we record no one's like bringing the heat on the game. But Katie we record with her in the middle of the summer. It was so fucking hot. She were this just like big white flowing dress, she had great handbag, jewelry and just invest in life. Also her like, she was a fashion blog. Got her answering the twelve styles. Incredible. Right. And also, I just have to restate the people that are enjoying the segment are like the ones. Listen every episode other people probably I don't know what up. Dressed Katie story. No, not even a runner-up. Yeah. Worst-dressed has really excited had this one out. So worst grass goes to San morale for showing up our studio pair of swim trunks high tube. Socks pushed down dirties Nicos some fucking dumb. Sure, it probably show on night show t shirt a pair of swim trunks insubtantial. And here's the deal. I don't think he gives a fuck so good for head always the funniest person ever funny. He's super talented. He clearly is not out here trying to address as well fashion model we he left her recording studios like drugs. I don't know. They were like, I can respect guy that doesn't give a fuck, but you can't be out here..

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