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Let's wrap up with some headlines. Head Alive Union representing starbucks workers at airports says immigrant transgender and blackberries says have faced discrimination and a survey of its members unite. Here found that median hourly pay for black. Baristas was one dollar and eighty five cents less than for White Baristas that more than one in four immigrant workers have been told to stop speaking their preferred language at work and multiple instances of harassment of lgbtq employees as well as repeated miss `gendering. Hms Host which operates starbucks and other coffee shops in airports across the country has denied any discrimination representatives for the Union. Say they want starbucks to pressure? Hms Host to bring its workers in line with what starbucks offers its employees when asked about the story starbucks has referred questions back to you. H Ms Host Host a federal judge has voided new strict policies from the head of US citizenship and immigration. Services can Kuch Anneli because he was never lawfully went into his job in the first place. This is like if you took the sat's and the scantron couldn't read your answers because you use the wrong pencil except that it's good because all your answers to the test were evil. The federal vacancies reform requires a federal agencies quote. I assistant to assume leadership when the top role is open. So what trump did which was create a made up assistant to the regional manager style title. Coochie Nellie and then appointed him. Acting director was simply not good enough side. Note the judge actually reference that running joke about way truth and his decision. The offices universal. We all have Netflix. And we all love it. Judges having create time the laws that will be set aside reduce the amount of time. Asylum-seekers got to seek legal counsel after crossing the border and restrict the ability of officers who grant applicants extensions and quickly. Just WanNa catch everyone up on some pretty impactful news about a girl who's also talking. Cartoon McGuire was slated for revival on Disney plus this year but after completing to episodes production was halted and show runner slash creator. Terry mincy was fired last week. We found out why apparently both Mickey and start. Hillary Duff wanted to pick an authentic version of Liz's life. Fifteen years on while Disney wanted her to be some kind of thirty year old virgin. Who was still worried about what to wear to school? Dances this weekend duff. Made a personal pleaded Disney to move the show to Hulu also Disney property. Where Lizzie can do things? Real thirty year olds do. Hopefully that happens because I need to see animated lizzy haggle for US furniture at a yard sale and do her taxes really really badly. We all need to see it. Rest in peace to the god of microwaveable chicken Tikka Masala Joe Colom who founded trader Joe's in Nineteen Sixty seven in Pasadena California Coloma envisioned a new type of grocery store which customers who had travelled enough to have sophisticated tastes in food and drink but couldn't always afford to buy premium can relate. He paid his employees well and offered full benefits as a result he said in two thousand fourteen. Th at the typical tenure at traderjoes was thirty. Five Years Coloma survived by his wife three children and six grandchildren. Thank you for giving food stupid guys like me frozen dinners that. Don't make me hate myself. We survive on your meals here. At what a day? God bless you Sir and those are the headlines offers if you like the show make sure you subscribe leave review. Make US fan art. But please don't spend more than two minutes of your time on it and tell your friends. Listen and if you're into reading and not just yelp reviews of restaurants. You are currently eating at me. What today's also nightly newsletter check it out and subscribe cricket DOT COM SLASH SUBSCRIBE? I'm Hugh Hugh I've hidden and we'll see you trader. Joe's get all the peanut butter presses before you can get there. What a day is a product of crooked media it's recorded and mixed by Charlotte Landis selling a ton is our assistant producer or head writer is John Milstein and our senior producer Katie log. Our theme music is by calling Gilead and Khashoggi..

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