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No agenda facts That's a good one named lenny and also have a laugh d. h. unplugged plugs. Going all around tomorrow. We'll be taking a trip down in knoxville trying to discover if tennessee will be my new home. A lot of people love tennessee. So i'm calling it on all producers in the area to go to no agenda meet up and helped me to experience. All of the best spots in the area i'm a twenty six year old liberty minded millennial living in one of your samples liberty minded millennial living in south jersey coming to the realization. That dictator murphy is going to drain all of my freedoms away based on a personal medical decision. I am leaving behind friends and family and search for a place where i can share where i can actually live my life. I must thank you to for all your courage. Wisdom and all your analysis of the core issues in america. Your show show taught me to filter through the distractions and isolate the root of the problem. I wanted to ask you both about your feelings on or if you are. Aware of the libertarian. Party are we aware via. i'm particular. Well you wanna stop and mentioned this right here. sure we both i. I was always claiming to be a libertarian. And i think the libertarian party is is a loss caused by a cop out for people who don't want to be republicans and i'm and i'm not affiliated with any group and the reason i say that not necessarily that they're thinking that but whenever someone says oh you conserve your republicans said no all yeah. You're a libertarian. Right because that would be. That's kind of the wireless say the following. I was raised a democrat democrat. Most of my life then. I became a republican republican. And then i gave up the republican party and became an independent. And then i gave up on that idea and be and now. I'm officially registered as unaffiliated. I've gone through everything in the process. I did say was libertarian. Back in the day. When i was an independent but i gave up on that too anyway. He goes on to write in particular. The mrs caucus whose goal is to restart the ron paul revolution. I wasn't big ron fed. I was a big ron paul supporter. You're he was a huge. Ron paul support dourson and everything. Finally if i could please get some job. Promotion karma aka trump pelosi. joe jo. Jobs was once the big one the jobs job for me. And all of the producers out there that would be greatly appreciate thank you for your entertainment and the work that you do lenny from south jersey. Jobs jobs jobs jobs. You've got karma. We have dame astra duchess of japan and all the disputed islands in the japan. Sea was two hundred and fifty seven dollars. She of courses in tokyo and she sent me a personal note With the copy to sir mark congratulating me on my fifty seventh birthday and always love from dame astroid and mark. She slipped at fifty seven in the donation. She did she did what. Yeah it's dame astro. I you know i'm really even though we had a good time in mexico. I'm really sad. We didn't get to our big japan trip this year. We really excited about and we're going to hang out with them and just there was going to be cool. Damn rona thank you very much day mastered david vinton from clarkston washington. Two hundred fifty dollars associate executive producer. First time done i learned. I can't sit and post shit on face. Bag or trigger to make change decided to inspire and become political. Start local you to inspired me. Retired douchebag out. Thank gotcha so. I go to this total wine and more and i don't know if this guy watches. Ncis too much right by had to open up a cognac case. They get locked the mid price cognac. I have no idea why. I push the button comes. Isa's i needed cognac. Case opening Copy that and so. I said i'd like what he wants to copy. That hardy's copy that is copied ages. Kept saying this would instead of saying yes or no copy that who says this pilots military cops nerds and end guys who have been keychains with the with the key to the cognac Chest apparently guess that would be it. macarenhas next on the list from eden prairie. No as we have Oh did i miss spencer mac. I think i spencer mac outdo spencer mackie's in san francisco local two hundred dollars and twenty five cents. We're almost done happy birthday aurora tomorrow. September third She's on the list. A fun way to say boobs as a and i got a bunch of characters looks more like boobs. I guess he says two hundred dollars and twenty five cents. I guess pay pal. Messed up a characters again. Yes thank you. Both for keeping this when he used quotes or something. That doesn't work. Thanks for keeping me same. Is i think as pay pal. I think it is the excel microsoft of thank you for keeping me sane over these last eighteen months as i live and work in san francisco. Yes san francisco. You need you can't go anywhere please. Play pelosi's jobs and jaw and job karma spencer. Mac typically are popular karma nowadays. It's crazy Jobs jobs jobs. Joe carmine marina from eden prairie minnesota two hundred dollars last sunday. Incredibly thought befriend. Ashley slater called me out as a douchebag so i took that as my cue from the university donate to the best podcast in the universe. Podfather make me clean deduce disturbing to hear that. Please give a shout out to my brother. Invention genie aka john for hitting me in the mouth at the beginning of this plan. Democ john is not a douchebag in the new agenda universe. My two friends. Alex and tasha are john and adam. Would either of you consider being my second. I may need one when the douchebag glove slap my friends face. i'd like to request china's asshole for human resource g guinea..

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