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Sunset that that was beautiful because you know how beautiful the sunset can get the sunset is gorgeous at the right time the right moment we caught a perfect sunset net happened to be one of my first times after gene therapy nosing wow it probably the tears him so beautiful and i wanna relive that moment you sit and just look at that sunset because at that moment you're looking at that sunset and there's nothing in your mind but just that sunset there's nothing bothering you there is no bad things happening it's just you and that sunset the amount of sight that i've gotten from this gene therapy is incredible every night when i see the moon i still just look at it in in awe and i just i can't believe that years ago i never was able to see the moon children's hospital of philadelphia is where i received gene therapy it's where i got my testing children's hospital philadelphia is what gave me hope that place was the only bit of hope that i had after finding out that i was going to go blind like there was nothing i could do being there and learning about gene therapy and learning that they were almost certain that i had the rp 65 gene mutation that was the only hope that i had their family the whole team is just so incredible everybody is so caring and they care about you they can next with each other their family what i was about starting to grow up and realizing that that i had issues with my vision there was something wrong i started to get upset and that frustration turned into anger in depression and music wouldbe therapeutic if i may lose my site but music is always going to be use it was not going to leave music was number one and it's will got me through the hard times it's would still gives me through hard times today and because of my eyes i feel like i have good he here's at age fourteen i had one of my first really big performances and one amateur night at the apollo in harlem my goal in life is to become a recording artist and i've always wanted to help people were going through some part times i've always wanted to be that person that they could trusted and i want to.

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