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Why not hit the trails for a hike? Wealthy end of the show? In the case of a hiker missing in the Zion National Park for two weeks isn't a cautionary tale. For the next time you are tempted to wander Into the back country. Right now they're all Jeff Ridges of the dude has lymphoma, announcing his diagnosis of cancer of the lymph system, Stark reminders of all the countries attentions on the pandemic. We've gotta watch out for things like cancer Doctor, Gwen Nichols, chief medical officer, Leukemia and lymphoma Society. So, doctor, we've seen this before a celebrity. Was diagnosed with something people get to thinking. I need to get a check up. I need to be more aware of things like lymphoma. What do I need to know? Well, I think that's a really good point. And it's a particularly during the pandemic, an important time for people to pay attention to their other health. We're so focused on the virus that we may be not taking care of Our general health, Lim followed oftentimes doesn't have specific symptoms. So patients can feel fatigue they may feel ah, lymph nodes and glands. Ah, better swollen and and if you have a swollen gland, and we think of them only in the neck, but actually the lymph glands are everywhere in our body, both internally and externally. So if you have a swollen nodule somewhere That isn't associated with an infection or a sore throat and it doesn't go away rapidly. That's something that needs medical attention. Even during the time of co bit, doctor, What do you say to those who are simply afraid to visit a hospital or a clinic out of fear for covert these days fair to say that now is not the time for these people who putting off other health concerns. Now is definitely not the time. We've been in the pandemic situation long enough that hospitals are prepared for taking care of patients and protecting them from getting sick. Ah, and it's much more important that if you have a symptom, you get it taken care of. We're really concerned. That when the pandemic is over, we'll have a lot of cases of undiagnosed cancer. That's in later stages that could have been treated more successfully if we'd found it earlier, so it's really important not to be afraid. And oftentimes the initial visit might be able to be a television so the doctor can tell you. Oh, that's nothing to worry about, or no, I want you to come in. Here's the way to do it safely. When there aren't things to look out for that air, like right here is the siren sound hears the signal and you start. What do you look for me? We know if we're feeling off writing some of the conversations were even you know what you could just be feeling weird. And maybe you should get a covert test. It's maybe the same to go. Get the telemedicine visit. If you've got the fatigue if you've got some weird weight loss, going on weight loss, fevers that you don't have an explanation for or sweats that aren't explained that you haven't been exercising, you suddenly break into a sweat. Any of these are are symptoms that are worth talking, Tio Ah, a medical professional about it really is a simple a cz. Asking the right question. If you don't feel right, even if you aren't showing up with a lump or a bump it that tells you you have something. It's it's worth. Worth it to avoid a bigger problem later, and the good news is we have incredible new treatments that are better effective.

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