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County parent very concerned about her kids and those schools at 7 35. Andy no will be here well on mask Antifa with him at 805 Janice Dean stops by from the Fox News Channel. She has Lots of set about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his horrific leadership in New York with them and then at 8 35. Josh Crasher joins us from National Journal's talk about Joe Biden and his failures to be bipartisan. They continue. I'm Vince colonies alongside Mary Walter. Always capable of being bipartisan. Oh, you're so sweet. Thank you. Good morning, Joe Biden and, of course, the administration's flushing out. And they're either you're going to start to see some names here. Some names that you recognize. Shall we go through some of them Just for fun. Let's start with Jake Sullivan, Jake Sullivan in the Biden administration as Biden's national security advisor. Now, why does that name sound familiar? Well, he had his name popped up a lot during the Hillary Clinton email. Scandal. Remember that first of all, he in? 08 was an adviser to Hillary Clinton during the primary cycle, And then he went back to President Barack Obama's general election campaign, and he may be prepared both Clinton Obama for debates he worked in the Obama administration is deputy assistant to the president and national security adviser to The vice president Joe Biden. So Joe Biden knows him and Joe Bynes bringing back people he knows. Have you noticed that like people he knows people he worked with. He's bringing them all back to me. He started the drummer that they passed around. He just keeps playing for all the different bands. Yeah, he left administration in August 2014 to teach yet Yale Law School on Now he's over at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, but he his knee Came up a lot during the pedestrians imparted the Podesta emails released by Wikileaks during the 2016 presidential election cycle. We all remember that, Hey, questioned if Democrat primary candidate Martin O'Malley's 100% clean energy by 2050 Pant plan was realistic, that was one of the emails that came out and after the election, he confessed to feeling quote a keen sense of responsibility for Hillary Clinton's defeat. Uh, on s own under November 22nd of 2020. He was announced as I said to be the national security advisor for Joe Biden and he loves war, too. By the way, he's a big, you know, Arm the Syrian rebels guy. He's like he's He's that when we talk about like war hawks and people who get us in a messy foreign entanglements, Jake Sullivan is straight out of central casting for that. Okay. Well, that's good. Maybe one too many video games. Yeah, he loves sending Americans off the work. Great. Lovely. Fantastic. All right. Well, let's move on. Let's go to Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland. She had ties to why do we know her name? Christopher Steele and Russia, Russia Russia She's a former assistant secretary of state on She said. I did not. I actively chose not to be part of that briefing well in February of last year, she told space, the nation that in 2016 Steel Steel quote past two of four pages off short points of what he was finding in our immediate reaction to it was, this is not in our purview, but rather a matter for the FBI. So she knew a lot more than what she was saying when it came to Christopher Steele. So she was involved, and that's how we know her name because she was involved in that whole scandal and farm or as I said, But you know, this is what's so maddening to be on a side note here when it comes to this whole Christopher Steele dossier spying on President Trump All of that there's so much that keeps coming out of people who lied under oath. Uh huh. And none of them go to jail, and none of them are punished. Kevin Kline Smith. Probation if he had an R, after his neighbor was associated with Trump. He be cooling his feet in in jail for for many, many months. That's for sure, especially when you had trump affiliates who were charged with laws that don't even get charged Traditionally in Washington, Foreign Agent Registration Act type things. I mean, like they're people who literally are doing jail time for things that people have done in Washington forever. But because they were says he'd with Trump. They got busted. And now, as you said, I mean, it really comes down to who's what's party. Are you working to the advantage of? If it's the Democrats? The likeliness of you facing any meaningful punishment goes down substantially. And Victoria Nuland you're just talking about. She was one of the key boosters of foreign disinformation. She facilitated Russian lies about Donald Trump, infecting the United States government in order to undermine the legitimacy of a duly elected presidency for years. So all of this talk about like threats to democracy and fermenting chaos is spreading disinformation. Victoria Nolan was a central figure in that very act. Now she's being rewarded. Yet again. Yeah. And, of course and and Susan rice. We know her, which is why you really, really want to spend a lot of time on Susan Wright. She have Benghazi and it was a video and she made the rounds of all those morning talk shows and perpetuated that lie. She's back as well, of course. Yeah, And let's just goes on and on and on and very quickly. One Maura name. You don't know Julin, A porter. She's the State Department's deputy spokesperson. And in 2016 and a Facebook post. She claimed that the largest threat to the U. S National security are the cops. Yeah, So now, she said the State Department. That's great. That's great. I'm glad glad she'll be representing us. It's for the for the entire planet, telling people that you know the real problem are people who enforce the law in the United States. It's going to be a really, really, really, really long, four years. That's all I'm going to say 5 43 w E Mail.

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