Commissioner, Summit County, Colorado discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


That success story talking about a project on highway nine there he witness when he was a commissioner in Summit County what was once a wildlife Killzone any real danger to Colorado with a reported six hundred fifty wildlife vehicle collisions eleven year stretch has moved from approximately fifty six wildlife desk the year down to only six were poll says things like wildlife crossings can save the state a lot of money by avoiding the accidents that cost us so much rebel KO a news close up purchasing an unusually high number of human wildlife encounters off the roads an eight year old boy attacked by mountain line Wednesday according to color to parks and wildlife happened Bailey last night he was taken to St Anthony's hospital liquid which is at least forty five minutes away but the closest trauma hospital to Bailey CPW station collect all the severity of injuries so we don't know how I'll take place but as you go through the investigation look at the festival you determine what it was wildlife officers searched for the animal at the scene of the attack in earlier in the month the man fought off amount aligned with a pocket knife happened while he was out looking for places to hunt elk around the big one parking Cranley over the weekend in boulder county two bears reviews and ice after getting too close to humans it's scary stuff and we seem to have seen a lot of encounters in twenty nineteen I don't know exactly what the numbers are but we're reading about more high profile cases mountain lions bears cholera parks and wildlife by the way will hold a news conference about this little boy's injuries which we understand or serious we'll do that later today yeah and how much of it is that we're actually encroaching on their territory in the course of scattered you know scarce resources for food they're trying to find food stuff near so it's just a confluence of all those events exactly but why does it seem worse this summer when these are always issues that that they have our other top story this morning Hickenlooper jumps into.

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